Vacation…all I ever wanted

Vacation by the Go-Go’s seems to be a perfect song choice for today’s blog. Living at the oceanfront, it is easy to pretend that at times I’m on vacation. Sometimes after a rough or tough day, when I hit the boardwalk, I try to fade out for a few minutes. I try to blend in with the tourists and other visitors. I look out at the ocean, the hotels, the food stands, and the shops and fantasize about being away, if only for a few minutes. Today I was zoomed out doing just that.

A 3 mile tempo run from the north end of the boardwalk to the pier and back. Sweat pouring and music blasting! The cares, stress, and successes of the day melt away in the 97 degree heat. It wasn’t as fast as I hoped. I even walked a bit. But it was the short break from reality at the end of my day. It was just what I needed to channel my energy and take a break.

And wouldn’t you know as I reached my car to leave there was a parking ticket. With 5 empty parking spots the attendant couldn’t let my expired meter alone. What are ya going to do?!?!

Happy parking





3 thoughts on “Vacation…all I ever wanted

  1. I’m sorry you got a ticket! *shhhh* secret: park in the starbucks one-hour parking… they don’t ticket and tow there. If you’re worried, grab a water from the starbucks kids… there all really nice 🙂 We’ve done that for at least a year and there’s never been a prob! 🙂


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