79pt Amrap

Thursday morning. Early call! I was in the middle of a lovely REM cycle when my alarm sounded at 5:35. I popped up out of bed and started my coffee. I was quickly out of the house and in my trainers driveway by 6:15. My regular Thursday morning workout buddies weren’t there today 😦 I was joined by two new 79pt buddies. We began our 25 minute Amrap ( as many rounds as possible). I have come to love the 300 meter row. I think I would utilize a rower if I had one. It’s a nice break for my legs by still being able to burn calories! As I focused on my rowing round, I listened to the chatter around me on top of Colbie Caillat playing in the background. It occurred to me that my trainer must be a vault of information. It reminded me of the old fashioned beauty salons! Everything from lululemon fashion to relationships. Whew if her walls could talk. Love getting my wod on along with some gal time!

I was glad to get the workout done early in the day because the heat wave is back! Ugh!

We lasted 2 rounds of each below in 25 minutes

300 meter row
Jumping Pullups
Wall balls

300 meter row
Push press with 8lbs
Air squats

Happy Amrap-ing!




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