Proud Parents of America’s Sweetheart

I think America has a new sweetheart, 17 year old Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin.

Monday night I watched Missy Franklin swim the 200 meter free finals. She then turned around 10 minutes later and competed in the 100 meter back where she won GOLD!!! Unprecedented!

I noticed her parents sitting in the aquatic center stands. They were cheering and snapping pictures as ordinary spectators. For them at that moment, it was just their daughter swimming… At the OLYMPICS! It was such an everyday act, using their camera. It seemed so interesting to me since all media outlets were capturing and documenting their daughter’s performance. Afterwards I watched where she was reunited with her parents for the first time in 3 weeks.
They were very proud fans!!!

Who’s your biggest fan? You have heard me refer to my “Coach” aka my dad in previous blogs. For my longer more important races he is always there pacing and cheering. I guess GOLD or not, parents are always pulling for ya.

Happy cheering



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