WOD Before the Run

Last WOD before Sunday.


Amanda’s 30th birthday WOD! I modified the running with 500 meter row. (ok so I slacked on my 3rd round and only did 300!) I opted out of the running in hope of resting my legs a bit.

Great cross training! For you 79pt fans not running Sunday, there will be a Saturday class @9.

Now I get to look forward to a couple days of rest!

No work = All play
Bands, friends, and football will occupy my time the next few days.
Go Monarchs!


( Source Old Dominion University)

The Calm Before The Storm

Last run before Sunday! It was a very easy and quiet jog. It was about putting my legs through the motions. I’ve run long enough to know not to overdo it or change anything in my workout plan this close to the race.

Tonight the boardwalk was quiet. The beach was quiet. The Virginia Beach Convention Center was quiet.

There were a few guys setting up the large tractor trailers that hold the gear check.





It is a funny sight seeing those parking lots empty. The crowds will be swarming in a few days.


Even on Friday at the Rock n Roll expo it will be packed. I’m sure I’ll pick up a few new items as I do every year. It’s a great place to stock up on gear and pick up new tips and tricks. Stay tuned for Runner Girl’s latest purchases!

Enjoy your quiet time


Final Countdown

6 Days!
This time next week it will all be over. All the running, stretching, praying, and hard work will have paid off. Whether you are running the 5kmini marathon, the rock n roll relay, or powering through the entire 13.1- most runners will have some sort of goal in mind.

My goals for the day consist of:
1. finishing my part of the relay (5.2) between 45-48 minutes.
2. Spending time with my Dad, family and friends after the run
3. Enjoying our traditional after race breakfast at Mary’s
4. Nap

This week will consist of a couple light and easy runs. The first of which was 2.5 miles tonight on the boardwalk. I managed to finish my jog just as the rain storm rolled in. The skies opened up on me the last few blocks on the boardwalk, but the rain felt great and was well worth it!

How will you spend this week getting ready? What special preparations will you make?

Happy Countdown






Last year at Rock n Roll
Team She Rocks-He Rolls!

Can You Keep Up The Pace

Saturday morning was cloudy, rainy, and an extremely windy morning. It was also a dear friend’s birthday. A group of us were meeting at 7:00 am to run the ECSC 8k on the boardwalk together. What a great way to start another year with exercising and getting your fitness on!

All of us were at the starting line together but quickly separated ourselves as the race began. We all ran individually. We all run at a different pace. All of us had different goals for the race. My goal for the race was to run a “practice” 5 miles in preparation for next Sunday’s Rock n Roll relay.

In previous blogs you may have read about my training this summer for the relay. 5 miles isn’t a big deal, but running 5 miles under 10 minute or even 9 minute pace was a big goal for me. As the race began, I made sure not to start out to fast. My first mile was 8:17. I pulled back some as I knew I had 4 more miles to go and wasn’t sure how the foot, knee, leg or hip would hold up 🙂 I was conscious of my running. Engaged in my form, breathing, and my music. Breathe Carolina came through my earphones with Blackout. Perfect race song!!!

First Verse :
Cut up and I can’t feel my hands no need to chase. Can you relate? Can you keep up the pace like you’re dying for this?

Chorus: I’m only getting started I won’t black out This time I’ve got nothing to waste Let’s go a little harder I’m on fire I wont black out I’m on my way I’m only getting started

I love how this song talks about keeping up the pace and not stopping. That was my Motto for the 8k.

I ran the 8k yesterday at 45:22.

Under 9 minute pace works for me! Let’s do that again next Sunday!!!

Congratulations to Prissie Nguyen and Krista Booth for winning awards in their female age groups! 38 and 39 minutes respectfully!!! Great job!

Now that the race was over, it was time to celebrate the birthday girl with a lovely birthday toast and a day of ECSC fun. Happy Birthday Thao!!!


Prissie winning her award!

Way to go Krista!

Happy to be feeling good!

Start of the race



ECSC/Rock N Roll/8k Playlist

With a handful of races coming up, I thought it would be a great time to update my 8k playlist. Included are some of my most recent favorites that keep me moving.


Some of these songs may contain suggestive or explicit lyrics. If you are offended…don’t download that song 🙂

I try to focus on the beat and the count of the song. This helps set the pace for me as I go. What’s your favorite running song these days? What gets you moving? Is your motivation in the music?

Blackout-Breathe Carolina
Breakin Dishes-Rihanna
Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen
Clothes Off-Gym Class Heroes
Country Girl-Luke Bryan
Enter Sandman- Metallica
Haven’t Had Enough- Marianas Trench
I Just Want to Live-Good Charlotte
Low-Flo Rida
Maneater-Nelly Furtado
Midnight City-M83
Naked-Kevin McCall
One More Night-Maroon 5
Outta My Head-Daughtry
Sunshine- Matisyahu
September-Earth, Wind, and Fire
Take A Little Ride-Jason Aldean
Wanted- Jessie James
We Are Never Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift
Welcome to the Jungle-Guns N’ Roses
Whip My Hair- Willow Smith

Happy Rockin’ n Runnin’

September-Earth, Wind, and Fire

Naked-Kevin McCall

Sunshine- Matisyahu

We Are Never Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift

Maneater-Nelly Furtado

Take A Little Ride-Jason Aldean

Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen


Rock N Roll

Sunlight, Songs, and Surfers

I hit the boardwalk this evening. I was planning on continuing with my rest, but three things pushed me to the pavement. My run turned into more of a walk but it was a great evening and all of these things pumped up my mood: Sunlight, Songs, Surfers

Sunlight…This afternoon the sun came out! Yeah!!! It had been raining in Virginia Beach for two days. The sunlight was like a magnet drawing people out, including myself. Pulling them out of hotels, out on the boardwalk, and out on the beach.

Songs…I spent some of my time during the past few rainy days to download some new songs. My running time is my time to get moving and grooving to my favorite songs. I included some of the newest favorites below.

Surfers…It is the 50th year of the ECSC here in Virginia Beach. The competition kicked off today. Check out www.surfecsc.com for more information on the contest. The contest starts daily at 7 am.

With all of these things, how can anyone help but be in a great mood!

Happy Times

Let the sunshine in

Walking on sunshine

Maroon 5, One More Night

The Lumineers, You’re My Sweetheart

The Heavy, What Makes A Good Man



Been A Long Time Since I Did The Stroll

Friday evening was packet pickup for my Saturday morning Surfer’s Healing 5k. Surfer’s Healing is an event dedicated to honoring and uplifting children suffering with disabilities. Professional surfers take children with disabilities into the water on tandem surf boards. The children are in life jackets and the surfers hold on to them tight and pop them up when the wave comes. There is also a 5k along the boardwalk early in the morning. This event has a great participation by the Virginia Beach chapter of Team Hoyt. Team Hoyt was started by father and son team, Dick and Rick Hoyt. Team Hoyt Runners push children and individuals with disabilities in running strollers through races. This was the eighth year Virginia Beach has held the event.

As part of the Surfer’s Healing weekend event opener, a special guest was speaking Friday evening and as soon as I saw who it was, I knew I wanted to be there. Dick Hoyt of Team Hoyt provided a wonderful, optimistic, and honest dialogue regarding Team Hoyt, his son Rick, and the challenges and accomplishments they’ve faced together.

Dick and Judy Hoyt are the parents of 3 sons. During the birth of one of their sons, Rick, he suffered severe oxygen depreciation to the brain. This resulted in Rick’s diagnosis as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Also as a result, Team Hoyt was born! Dick and Judy didn’t institutionalize Rick as recommended. And they didn’t discount the abilities of Rick even though he spent most of his time in his wheel chair. At the request of Rick, the pair completed their first 5k together in 1977. They completed it by Dick running and pushing Rick in his wheelchair. Dick and Rick have completed over 1,000 races together. Marathons, Duathlons, Triathlons, and Ironman Competitions are among some of those.

Follow Dick and Rick on their next competition at www.teamhoyt.com

After having the opportunity to hear Dick Hoyt speak, it quickly put things into perspective. A slight over usage injury wasn’t going to hold me back or have me complaining. Saturday’s 5k would be my first run in two weeks after resting my body and legs. I finished the race respectfully at 27:08. A little slower than my last 5k, but still under a 9 mile pace, which is what I’m shooting for during my portion of the Rock n Roll Relay. The relay will take place 2 weeks from today. Training has all but stopped. A few runs between now and then to stay ready for my 5.2.

Like Dick and Rick, I began running with my dad as well. He will be my partner in the relay. I cant let our team “she rocks, he rolls” down. In appreciation for my dad and running I have included some Led Zeppelin in my training playlist. Yesterday near the end of the race, right on schedule, Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll came blasting through my headphones. I have come to think that this song was the most appropriate training song. The song is titled Rock n Roll and I am training for the Rock n Roll. I’m running the relay with my dad and one of his favorite bands is LZ. Yesterday the lyric ” been a long time since I did the stroll,” seemed apropos as it had been 2 weeks since I last ran.
This song provided enough motivation for the last 1/4 mile.

What’s are some of your favorite training songs or inspirations?

Happy Strolling

the crowd gathers to hear Dick Hoyt

Team Hoyt Runners Mark and Kendra

Running Buds

Led Zepplin

Race Results