Track Practice

As the Olympics wrap up week one and track and field events begin, I can’t help but think about the good old days of high school track. Eventhough I am a proud 1998 graduate of Hickory High School, some of my best running days were spent in green and gold as a Wildcat at Great Bridge High School. I spent a lot of time running through the middle of Great Bridge. I had some of the best years of my life from 1992 middle school track until the end of sophomore year in 1996. The years spent on the cross-country team fall 1995 and fall 1996 were by far the best. Some of my closest friendships were formed there. I’m still close friends with a few of them today. Most of us still run and we even see each other at area races. We thought we were so scandalous running in just sports bras and shorts! I’m sure that was appropriate for young girls 🙂 Road trips to Brevard, Sea Shore State park, Newport News Park, The Foot Locker Invitational, state…the list goes on and on. Our song list were not on iPods back then. We were forced to blast the lyrics of Alanis Morrisette, Sublime, Better Than Ezra, and Ice Cube in our cars before practice. Oh the days!

I happen to be driving through Great Bridge today right by the track and I couldn’t resist stopping and snapping some pics. I was flooded with memories from years ago. While those days are long gone, we are all bonded from the life on the trail and the track spent pulling tires, 6:30 mile splits, and running fartleks.

I hope you all enjoy watching the Olympics and cheering for your favorites. As you do that, think back on those special times in your life and enjoy remembering.

Happy Memories

Go Team USA and Go Usain!






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