Runner Girl goes Surfer Girl

Saturday, August 4, I woke early and very excited. This was the day my friends and I were venturing to False Cape for a Stand Up Paddle Boarding Retreat that we booked through the Surf and Adventure Company.

False Cape is located in Southern Virginia Beach. It can only be accessed by boat or by hiking in through Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. The park is limited to hikers, cyclists, or boats, no vehicles. Our group was escorted in through the 4 mile trail by a park ranger on a park tram. On our way to the drop off point we noticed several critters: turtles, snakes, birds, tree frogs. We were let off right before the dunes. It was a short walk over until we saw the ocean and the untouched gorgeous beach of False Cape. The water looked perfect. Great day for SUPing and surfing on some baby waves.

Even though I have my own SUP board and have been doing it for about a year, I was excited to gain some tips and tricks from the instructors at Surf and Adventure Co. I spent the first half of the day on the SUP. I was determined to master the art of “surfing” the SUP in on the waves. A few falls later I seemed to get it. Not a pro by any means, but mission accomplished 🙂

After lunch, I set my sights on surfing. I hadn’t spent much time doing that since my high school boyfriend. The days of throwing some boards and a tent in the car and traveling to the Outer Banks on a whim. The past few visits to San Diego I did venture out on the boards a few times. Once with my brother and once with my cousin’s husband…both good surfers! Today was my turn to try it again. Special thanks to the instructors at Surf and Adv Co. All of them were very patient and encouraging throughout the day. After a while in the water, my arms began to turn to jello. I managed to pop up on a few waves and get a handful of rides! Exhilarating !!!

This retreat fell in line at perfect timing. The past few weeks I have been running so much and have desperately needed to rest my legs. This day would be spent utilizing my arm muscles for paddling and my core for balance. It may have been a restful day for my legs, but so many other muscles were awakened after years of rest. Slightly banged up and bruised today, but well worth it…brah!!!

Happy Paddling

More pictures available at Photography by Robbie Hickman.








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