A Familiar Pain

Bruising, swelling, fatigue, pain 😦
These are all things as a runner you never want to feel, especially a few weeks before a race you’ve spent the past few months training for. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that tempo runs and speed work have been monopolizing my summer workouts. I have been feeling great and running strong until…last week.

I started to feel tired and my workouts were a little tougher on my legs. Last week I wrote about resting my legs and changing up my workouts. Biking and SUPing were great running substitutes. Tuesday evening I started back pounding the pavement. Immediately after the run my ankle, foot, knee and hip were aggravated. Basically my entire right leg, top to bottom. Wednesday I saw a friend of mine in the medical field, he strongly encouraged me to take a week off of running.

This is difficult for me. I need to run for mental and physical health. But I have been through this before and know the drill. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! When it tells you to stop… You should!

All my fears and anxiety are coming back to me now. What if I get slower, what if I loose my pace, what if I loose my endurance, what if I get fat ? Lol! Well, the alternative could be no more running at all or surgery 😦 I’ll go with the break.

Tonight as I sit on my couch having my pity party with my ice pack and Chinese food, I heard about Manteo Mitchell, a 25 year old sprinter from NC. This Olympian competed as the first leg of the 4×400 relay team today. He was about halfway into his lap when he felt his leg snap. He continued running and finished his leg of the relay. Turns out the snap he felt and heard was a broken fibula. Ouch!!! He is expected to heal in 4-6 weeks. He will have to watch the 4×400 relay from the stadium on Friday. If the team earns a medal, he will receive one as well since he competed on the team that advanced from the semi’s.

You are tough Manteo!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your relay team tomorrow.

This Runner Girl will be grateful for my minor set back and use your story as inspiration.

Happy… to only have pain 🙂

More here on Manteo Mitchell.




One thought on “A Familiar Pain

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