Injured Reserve

Sunday morning, still in pain. I haven’t run since Monday. 6 full days of rest. Shouldn’t my body start feeling better by now? Ugh 😦

My Sunday would begin with an unexpected visit to my Chiropractor’s office, him and his fiancé happen to be two of my best friends. I am very thankful for the Sunday office hours 🙂 Another adjustment on my neck, back, leg, and foot. Big pop!!! A couple of X-rays later reveal a possible bone spur.

No running for… Not exactly sure how long. My 5k next Saturday doesn’t look promising. The Rock n Roll is 3 Sunday’s from today. I’m determined to be running. Come on body…HEAL! I’m only running 5 miles in the relay. Ugh. I’m so disgusted. Not to be a dramatic but the thought of not running makes me want to cry 😦 😦

Back to the IR (injured reserve) list once again. I will have to be creative in finding some way to exercise. Free weights and ab workouts.

Happy Healing




3 thoughts on “Injured Reserve

  1. Listen to your body! If you don’t, it will get even with you. Don’t pressure yourself to run Rock-N-Roll. We can still drink a beer in the sand & then go to breakfast!

  2. I went through this same process in July when I was down and out for the count for 8 days. I was prepping for my first 5k and was scared because my back just wasn’t cooperating. I ended up going to a Hot Yoga studio for 5 out of those 8 days and that was magnificent for all of my needed stretching. I loved it and recommend to everyone!

    I’ll be participating in the 9/11 Heroes Run in Va Beach. I just moved back to this area last year with my husband and while I loved Florida, I’m glad to be back. It’s hot In Va Beach in the summer, but at least we get seasons!


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