Replacing Heels with Flats

Two doctors visits, a set of X-rays, and a pair of flats later…the verdict is in. Possible stress fracture, too early to tell. Over usage from speed work and some inflammation and nerve issues. I did without the cortisone shot.

It’s less than 3 weeks from the 5.2 mile run in the Rock n Roll. The recommendation is a few more days of no running. Instead, cross train with the bike or swimming. The next run should be about 3 miles and I am to monitor the speed. For the next 3 weeks this will be the routine. If the swelling, bruising, and pain doesn’t mend I’ll suck it up and get the shot. Ugh. I’ve had them before, the shot is painful but it did help.

I will also be sacrificing my heels for flats, bringing me back down to 5 feet respectfully. I have included the latest addition to my shoe wardrobe as I DON’T own flats 😦

Happy flatting






2 thoughts on “Replacing Heels with Flats


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