Sunlight, Songs, and Surfers

I hit the boardwalk this evening. I was planning on continuing with my rest, but three things pushed me to the pavement. My run turned into more of a walk but it was a great evening and all of these things pumped up my mood: Sunlight, Songs, Surfers

Sunlight…This afternoon the sun came out! Yeah!!! It had been raining in Virginia Beach for two days. The sunlight was like a magnet drawing people out, including myself. Pulling them out of hotels, out on the boardwalk, and out on the beach.

Songs…I spent some of my time during the past few rainy days to download some new songs. My running time is my time to get moving and grooving to my favorite songs. I included some of the newest favorites below.

Surfers…It is the 50th year of the ECSC here in Virginia Beach. The competition kicked off today. Check out for more information on the contest. The contest starts daily at 7 am.

With all of these things, how can anyone help but be in a great mood!

Happy Times

Let the sunshine in

Walking on sunshine

Maroon 5, One More Night

The Lumineers, You’re My Sweetheart

The Heavy, What Makes A Good Man




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