Can You Keep Up The Pace

Saturday morning was cloudy, rainy, and an extremely windy morning. It was also a dear friend’s birthday. A group of us were meeting at 7:00 am to run the ECSC 8k on the boardwalk together. What a great way to start another year with exercising and getting your fitness on!

All of us were at the starting line together but quickly separated ourselves as the race began. We all ran individually. We all run at a different pace. All of us had different goals for the race. My goal for the race was to run a “practice” 5 miles in preparation for next Sunday’s Rock n Roll relay.

In previous blogs you may have read about my training this summer for the relay. 5 miles isn’t a big deal, but running 5 miles under 10 minute or even 9 minute pace was a big goal for me. As the race began, I made sure not to start out to fast. My first mile was 8:17. I pulled back some as I knew I had 4 more miles to go and wasn’t sure how the foot, knee, leg or hip would hold up 🙂 I was conscious of my running. Engaged in my form, breathing, and my music. Breathe Carolina came through my earphones with Blackout. Perfect race song!!!

First Verse :
Cut up and I can’t feel my hands no need to chase. Can you relate? Can you keep up the pace like you’re dying for this?

Chorus: I’m only getting started I won’t black out This time I’ve got nothing to waste Let’s go a little harder I’m on fire I wont black out I’m on my way I’m only getting started

I love how this song talks about keeping up the pace and not stopping. That was my Motto for the 8k.

I ran the 8k yesterday at 45:22.

Under 9 minute pace works for me! Let’s do that again next Sunday!!!

Congratulations to Prissie Nguyen and Krista Booth for winning awards in their female age groups! 38 and 39 minutes respectfully!!! Great job!

Now that the race was over, it was time to celebrate the birthday girl with a lovely birthday toast and a day of ECSC fun. Happy Birthday Thao!!!


Prissie winning her award!

Way to go Krista!

Happy to be feeling good!

Start of the race



7 thoughts on “Can You Keep Up The Pace

  1. Good job! My friend and I wanted to do the relay but since they won’t let half marathon registrations be transferred to relay (and that’s what her’s is) I’m upgrading from the mini marathon to the half marathon. I think I’m ready for it! I can’t wait!! I’m excited! Only 1 week away! It’s my first half marathon and my only goal is to finish. I know we’ll all do great!


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