Final Countdown

6 Days!
This time next week it will all be over. All the running, stretching, praying, and hard work will have paid off. Whether you are running the 5kmini marathon, the rock n roll relay, or powering through the entire 13.1- most runners will have some sort of goal in mind.

My goals for the day consist of:
1. finishing my part of the relay (5.2) between 45-48 minutes.
2. Spending time with my Dad, family and friends after the run
3. Enjoying our traditional after race breakfast at Mary’s
4. Nap

This week will consist of a couple light and easy runs. The first of which was 2.5 miles tonight on the boardwalk. I managed to finish my jog just as the rain storm rolled in. The skies opened up on me the last few blocks on the boardwalk, but the rain felt great and was well worth it!

How will you spend this week getting ready? What special preparations will you make?

Happy Countdown






Last year at Rock n Roll
Team She Rocks-He Rolls!

10 thoughts on “Final Countdown

  1. Hey, there! Didn’t know about the blog …. nice! Maybe I’ll see you this weekend after the race? Have a good race!


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