Thursday Birthday WOD

This morning I woke up ready to go. The weather today was sunny, warm, and humid even this early in the day. It’s Thursday and my trainer’s birthday, what better way to celebrate than with a birthday WOD at 79PT.

41 WOD
Workout was capped at 41:41

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 wall balls

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 Air squats

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 Push press with 8 lbs

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 Crunchy Frogs

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 Pushups

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 Walking lunges

Run 4 blocks
1 burpee
41 Ball abs

Still nursing the foot, I completed my modified version at 35 minutes and change. I substituted the running with jumping on the rower for 300 meters each round.

Dripping sweat by the end, it was a great workout!!! I was thankful to get in a good sweat since I haven’t been running.

Even though my running has calmed down to almost a stop…the Rock N Roll is STILL approaching. 16 days and counting. Until then, I will be doing WODs than runs 😦

Happy Birthday Robin!!!



Replacing Heels with Flats

Two doctors visits, a set of X-rays, and a pair of flats later…the verdict is in. Possible stress fracture, too early to tell. Over usage from speed work and some inflammation and nerve issues. I did without the cortisone shot.

It’s less than 3 weeks from the 5.2 mile run in the Rock n Roll. The recommendation is a few more days of no running. Instead, cross train with the bike or swimming. The next run should be about 3 miles and I am to monitor the speed. For the next 3 weeks this will be the routine. If the swelling, bruising, and pain doesn’t mend I’ll suck it up and get the shot. Ugh. I’ve had them before, the shot is painful but it did help.

I will also be sacrificing my heels for flats, bringing me back down to 5 feet respectfully. I have included the latest addition to my shoe wardrobe as I DON’T own flats 😦

Happy flatting





Injured Reserve

Sunday morning, still in pain. I haven’t run since Monday. 6 full days of rest. Shouldn’t my body start feeling better by now? Ugh 😦

My Sunday would begin with an unexpected visit to my Chiropractor’s office, him and his fiancΓ© happen to be two of my best friends. I am very thankful for the Sunday office hours πŸ™‚ Another adjustment on my neck, back, leg, and foot. Big pop!!! A couple of X-rays later reveal a possible bone spur.

No running for… Not exactly sure how long. My 5k next Saturday doesn’t look promising. The Rock n Roll is 3 Sunday’s from today. I’m determined to be running. Come on body…HEAL! I’m only running 5 miles in the relay. Ugh. I’m so disgusted. Not to be a dramatic but the thought of not running makes me want to cry 😦 😦

Back to the IR (injured reserve) list once again. I will have to be creative in finding some way to exercise. Free weights and ab workouts.

Happy Healing



The Golden Girls of the Games

The year of the woman. How can a chick not get inspired after watching
the 2012 Olympic Games in London. I’ve stayed up way too late every
night trying to catch the races, matches, and games. I am constantly
checking the sports highlights on my phone. With Team USA holding the
top of the medal count at 102, these games are worth being tired for.

Here are some of my favorite highlights.

The United States Woman’s gymnastics team wins Gold. Gabby Douglas wins gold in the woman’s all around!

The United States Woman’s Swimming team did well. Missy Franklin earning 4 gold medals and Allison Schmitt winning 3.

The United States Woman’s basketball team won it’s 5th straight
consecutive gold.

United States Woman’s Beach Volleyball Gold and Silver in
the all USA final match!!!

United States Woman’s soccer wins gold defeating Japan.

United States Woman’s 4×100 wins gold and shattered the world record
with a 40.82. Beating the previous record by 0.55 seconds.

United States Woman’s 4×400 wins gold with a 3 minute 16:82 second finish. The next closest team finished in 3.36 seconds after team USA. This was the fifth straight gold victory for team USA in this event. This
also a third gold medal for Allyson Felix. Felix earned gold in both
the 4×100 and the 4×400 in London.

Of the 102 medals, 44 of them were gold. Of the 44 gold, over half at
29, were won by USA women athletes!!!

Go Girls!!! You have definitely earned the right to be called GOLDEN! I can’t help but wonder we have in store for future games.

Happy polishing ladies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

For fun I included a shot of some of my medals! None of them gold πŸ™‚


A Familiar Pain

Bruising, swelling, fatigue, pain 😦
These are all things as a runner you never want to feel, especially a few weeks before a race you’ve spent the past few months training for. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that tempo runs and speed work have been monopolizing my summer workouts. I have been feeling great and running strong until…last week.

I started to feel tired and my workouts were a little tougher on my legs. Last week I wrote about resting my legs and changing up my workouts. Biking and SUPing were great running substitutes. Tuesday evening I started back pounding the pavement. Immediately after the run my ankle, foot, knee and hip were aggravated. Basically my entire right leg, top to bottom. Wednesday I saw a friend of mine in the medical field, he strongly encouraged me to take a week off of running.

This is difficult for me. I need to run for mental and physical health. But I have been through this before and know the drill. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! When it tells you to stop… You should!

All my fears and anxiety are coming back to me now. What if I get slower, what if I loose my pace, what if I loose my endurance, what if I get fat ? Lol! Well, the alternative could be no more running at all or surgery 😦 I’ll go with the break.

Tonight as I sit on my couch having my pity party with my ice pack and Chinese food, I heard about Manteo Mitchell, a 25 year old sprinter from NC. This Olympian competed as the first leg of the 4×400 relay team today. He was about halfway into his lap when he felt his leg snap. He continued running and finished his leg of the relay. Turns out the snap he felt and heard was a broken fibula. Ouch!!! He is expected to heal in 4-6 weeks. He will have to watch the 4×400 relay from the stadium on Friday. If the team earns a medal, he will receive one as well since he competed on the team that advanced from the semi’s.

You are tough Manteo!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your relay team tomorrow.

This Runner Girl will be grateful for my minor set back and use your story as inspiration.

Happy… to only have pain πŸ™‚

More here on Manteo Mitchell.



Rain Drops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

Raindrops keep falling on my head But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red Cause cryin’s not for me I’m not gonna stop the rain by complainin’ Because I’m free Nothin’s worryin’ me

This was the perfect theme song for the day. I had a long day ahead of me that would include lots of driving around and getting in and out of the car. Running in the morning helps give me energy for days like this. I had every intention of getting my run in this morning before work. No such luck 😦 I woke up exhausted and it was raining. I couldn’t motivate myself through either one. My first stop after leaving the house this morning was at Starbucks. A Grande Pike Place would be my car riding companion. Even though it was raining on and off all day, it didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s mood. LOL! All my clients were happy. The rain kept people off the beach and in their businesses πŸ™‚

Due to the fact I didn’t run yesterday or this morning because of the weather, I was hoping I would get the chance tonight. And as luck would have it, the clouds parted and the sky peeked through just long enough for me to get 30 minutes on the pavement. I ran on the feeder roads along the North End of the Ocean Front. I toke the feeder road to the last light pole before it became Shore Drive. I came back the same way and added a few blocks of sand running on the beach. The beach was wide and empty. I was moving at a decent pace. I had an eclectic blend of music today. My iPod was shuffling all songs in my library. Country, rock, pop: it all worked. I squeezed in about 3 miles.

The Rock N Roll is getting closer. I am feeling ready. I am being careful not to overdue it this close to race day.

A little leg and back discomfort, but a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow should help.

Happy (T)Raining



Runner Girl goes Surfer Girl

Saturday, August 4, I woke early and very excited. This was the day my friends and I were venturing to False Cape for a Stand Up Paddle Boarding Retreat that we booked through the Surf and Adventure Company.

False Cape is located in Southern Virginia Beach. It can only be accessed by boat or by hiking in through Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. The park is limited to hikers, cyclists, or boats, no vehicles. Our group was escorted in through the 4 mile trail by a park ranger on a park tram. On our way to the drop off point we noticed several critters: turtles, snakes, birds, tree frogs. We were let off right before the dunes. It was a short walk over until we saw the ocean and the untouched gorgeous beach of False Cape. The water looked perfect. Great day for SUPing and surfing on some baby waves.

Even though I have my own SUP board and have been doing it for about a year, I was excited to gain some tips and tricks from the instructors at Surf and Adventure Co. I spent the first half of the day on the SUP. I was determined to master the art of “surfing” the SUP in on the waves. A few falls later I seemed to get it. Not a pro by any means, but mission accomplished πŸ™‚

After lunch, I set my sights on surfing. I hadn’t spent much time doing that since my high school boyfriend. The days of throwing some boards and a tent in the car and traveling to the Outer Banks on a whim. The past few visits to San Diego I did venture out on the boards a few times. Once with my brother and once with my cousin’s husband…both good surfers! Today was my turn to try it again. Special thanks to the instructors at Surf and Adv Co. All of them were very patient and encouraging throughout the day. After a while in the water, my arms began to turn to jello. I managed to pop up on a few waves and get a handful of rides! Exhilarating !!!

This retreat fell in line at perfect timing. The past few weeks I have been running so much and have desperately needed to rest my legs. This day would be spent utilizing my arm muscles for paddling and my core for balance. It may have been a restful day for my legs, but so many other muscles were awakened after years of rest. Slightly banged up and bruised today, but well worth it…brah!!!

Happy Paddling

More pictures available at Photography by Robbie Hickman.