A Rainy but Successful Neptune 5k

It was 5k race day! This is the time of year I love the most. I jam pack my schedule full of 5k races nearly every weekend. The weather is usually pretty good and it makes it easier to achieve some pretty decent race times.

Saturday I woke up to a dreary morning. Rain was in the forecast and it was cooler than it had been.


Usually I warm up with a bike ride to the race course, but the ominous clouds made me think twice. I drove down and got to the race early. I needed to get my race packet and chip prior to race start. I was able to score a primo parking spot and quickly grabbed my packet and pinned on my number.


I began stretching on the sidewalk and the rain began soon after. No sunglasses needed for this race. Since the boardwalk was full of art vendors, this race would be a street course and was sure to have plenty of puddles. The 5k start was at 7:45 with the 8k starting thirty minutes there after.

Several of my friends were running in the 8k. Just two of us, Krista and myself, were scheduled for the 5k. I settled on the short 3.1 in attempts to score a decent time for myself. Also, I am not training for any long runs and the 5k has been my favorite ever since my cross country days. Our friends wished us luck and we took our spots at the 5k start. I decided I would start near the front. I needed to get out early and fast. Especially with the rain and the street course, it would be important to get out ahead of the crowd. This event was ankle timed not matt or chip times. That means that when the gun goes off, your timing begins. No need for adding extra seconds trying to fight from the back of the crowd. At the start, I took of quick and found a great spot in the middle of the road. The streets were extremely uneven and puddling quickly. The race started at 24th street and headed south. We circled the Rudee Loop for an out and back 3.1. It was a fast course. The challenges were the bumps, puddles, and rain. I quickly returned back to the start of the race that had now been switched to a finish line. I crossed at 26:10! Not bad for myself. It’s my second fastest 5k time this year. It turns out it was good enough for a third place medal finish in my age group! Krista took second place in our age group w 22:32! Crazy, nearly a 4 minute spread, but I’ll take it!

A soggy second place, a soggy third place, and one who was running for two 🙂




Early morning good luck wishes 🙂

Next up, Crawlin Crab 5k !

Why Cross Training is Important

If you have been a runner for any length of time, then you know the wear and tear it can have on your body. Regular rest and doing other forms of exercise is very important. Cross training is a necessity for all levels of runners. In a 2004 article from Runner’s World Magazine, they sighted 8 benefits to cross training. You will learn about a few of them here today.

According to Active.com, working out other muscle groups promotes total body strength and enhances your overall fitness . Cross training can also help you stay injury free. Since running is a high impact activity, strength training and muscle building can keep your body stronger and less likely to become injured.

Usually I run 3 days a week, bike 1 day a week ( usually Sunday as a post race workout to get rid of lactic acid), and I cross train 1 day a week. My cross training is every Thursday morning. I workout with my trainer at 79pt. I wish I had time to go twice a week, but with my running and LIFE, I can’t fit it into my schedule. I wrote this entry as I am coming off of one of the toughest 79pt workouts yet. I can barely walk today and soreness runs from my butt to my arms. In a weird way, I like the pain. Like Listerine, when it burns…it’s working. One of our latest workouts is as follows.

Hell on Earth was the catch phrase when we first saw the board. But we got through it and at the end we were still smiling!

6:55 am post workout and still smiling !

Happy Training


Tuesday Tune Up -The Cult

We are doing a throw back today!!!

Shake, shake, shake, shake it, yeah

Have you heard a song for years and never really “listened” to it? That is what I have been doing all these years when listening to The Cult. Being born in the 80’s, I always knew of the The Cult and liked them, but I would not say they were among my favorites…until now!

After in impromptu Sunday Funday with bands and beverages…a new crush was born.

A crush for The Cult, specifically for thier song Fire Woman. Love the lyrics and love the way that one of my best friends was getting down to them. Now, this song has meaning for me. I instantly downloaded that song and a few others from the 80’s rock legend.

When that song comes through my headphones, I am transformed to that place. To that day, where we danced our cares away.

This morning during my run, the song came on at the halfway mark and subconsciously I speed up.

What song does this for you? What song gets you moving or reminds you of someone?

Happy Culting


Sunday Funday


Morning Sunrise at 64th

Must Haves for Workout Hair

Do you have trouble keeping your hair out of your face, especially when working out ? I definitely do. It seems like I have tried everything. Everytime I go to a race expo, it seems as if I’m suckered into the next best thing.

I have a large collection of headbands.

Bondi Band

Sweaty Bands

Cotton Headbands available at Target

Expo Purchase, Worn During the Shamrock 2012 1/2 marathon

Headband from Medical Pre Tape, made by my friend’s niece

A roll of the medical pre tape can be bought at Five Below in multiple colors for $5
This by far was the most creative. Also, it seemed to not damage or pull my hair.

Tiny claws for my baby hairs work pretty well too.

Recently I received my September Birchbox. There was a wonderful new hair accessory… The Twistband!

I used it immediately during a run. Loving it! I love the grey color I received in my Birchbox. Grey is chic enough to be used during the day for business attire.
My hair stayed up and pulled just tight enough for an attractive ponytail. This is in the running for a favorite thing!

You know I love fun workout accessories. A wonderful workout accessory and one of my favorite things is the Go Girl Bands . These bands don’t slip. They also are very stylish! They come in many varieties. Skinny, wide, and there are even bands for little ones. These could be a great edition to your daily wardrobe, working out or not!

Get yours today!
Go Girl Bands





(***disclosure, the beautiful model in the Go Girl Bands Ad is my cousin-she makes them!)

Happy Hair Styling

National Run at Work Day

Today was National Run at Work Day. How was I unaware of this? Any of my coworkers reading this are probably grateful…they know I would have had them running today:)

Today was the 7th annual RUN@WORK day and RUN@SCHOOL day. The purpose of this day is to encourage people of all ages to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This is such a great message! Schools and companies nationwide provided time today for all involved today to get out and run!

Incase you need motivation to get in your 30 minutes of running, here are some ways that show you how it is extremely beneficial for your health. According to Livestrong.com, if you run for 30 minutes most days of the week you will burn fat, you will lose weight and you will stay healthy!

Get your 30 minutes!!!

Happy National Running Day




Run Like A Girl Virginia Beach – Run for Ovarian Cancer

Girl Power! Come out and support this first annual girls only Run Like A Girl 4 1/2 mile run through First Landing State Park.

By running this race you will be contributing to the research for curing Ovarian Cancer. One in 72 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With early detection, 90% will survive. According to the American Cancer Society, the mortality rates for ovarian cancer have not improved in 40 years. Be part of the cure. Grab your girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and sisters and come enjoy this event on the wonderful trails of First Landing.


Run Like A Girl

When: 9:00 October 21, 2012
10:30 After party at Tautogs
Where: First Landing State Park
Who: Girls Only
Register Now!