Good Luck Runners

In 24 hours the Rock n Roll will be over. The nearly 20,000 runners will be finished and on their way to recovery.

The race will begin at 6:50 am for wheelchair / Team Hoyt participants.
Good luck to all pushers and runners! Go Team Robin and Jared!

Then the Kenyan and Elite runners will start at 7:00am. Corrals will be waived at intervals after that. Good luck to all 13.1 runners! Good luck to you Dad! My relay partner! I’ll be there cheering and waiting for you at the hand off 🙂 20120901-092239.jpg
Team Photo 2011

Today the alarm will be set for a 4:45 am Sunday morning wake up call.

All running supplies are ready to go!

Thanks Jennifer, you know I love these 🙂 They will be perfect for a pre-race energy boost after being up for several hours 🙂

Race Number Ready

Body Ready

Team Shirt Ready to go!

Last night some of my runner friends and I gathered for dinner and music on the beach. Among us were 13.1 participants and relay participants. Before dinner there was a race attire fashion show that included lulu lemon, Nike, Asics, and even headband options. Us runner girls may be tough, but we know the importance of looking good and feeling comfortable!!!

Good Luck Thao and Prissie! Run your heart out girls!


The Shoes


4 thoughts on “Good Luck Runners

  1. Good luck to you guys! My daughter Alana is riding with Team Hoyt, too, being pushed by Ryan Carroll, for the 2nd year in a row! I’ll be somewhere in the mix! Can’t believe I’m doing this! So excited!!


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