Rockin Hot!

It was a humid day! Early in the morning, it was already warm.


I left the house early. Decked out in my running tank, my waterproof mascara, headband, and plenty of powder.


I picked up my Dad a few blocks before the Virginia Beach Convention Center. I dropped him off at 6:25am near the starting line. I then made my way over to Shadow Lawn to grab my bike and my buddy before heading over to the relay exchange.



We had plenty of time before we would begin so we decided to watch as the runners made their way over the Rudee Bridge for the first time. We were able to see the Elite runners, Team Hoyt, and several friends cross the bridge. Everyone looked great! As we biked over we were able to cheer for friends along the way and enjoy some of the bands prior to our run!




We made our way to the relay exchange with plenty of time to spare. It was so humid and hot even with a lot of cloud cover. I noticed a common theme as every relay runner came in. They all were giving words of wisdom to their partner. “Beware of the humidity and utilize the water stops.” All the runners were soaked as if they had been swimming in a pool.

Dad came in to hand off to me around 9:20 am. He gave me the same piece of advice. With only 5.3 miles for me, I wouldn’t think it would be that bad. I noticed a lot of runners, guys and girls alike, running “topless.” I did toss my running tank before my run. I knew I couldn’t deal with a heavy shirt in the thick humidity.

As I started my leg of the relay, I found myself weaving in and out of the 3:00 hour pace group. Sorry to everyone in that group. I didn’t mean to fly through, but I was on a pace of my own. I was shooting for 45:00 ish. Surprisingly I zipped through Camp Pendleton no problem. I was soaked by the time I made it to Croatan. It was so humid I actually grabbed a sponge at a water stop and used it to absorb my sweat. Yuck 🙂

Thanks to all the friends I saw on the course. I appreciate your cheering. That is always so fun! I always know to look for my one friend just before I cross the bridge, his house is there and cheers there every year 🙂 Thanks Bo!!!

As I rounded the loop for the last mile, reality set in. Between the humidity, the bridge, and the football tailgating the day before-45:00 was just out of reach. My sunglasses were smeared and fogged up so bad, my clothes were drenched, my braid was dripping. Ugh!!! I crossed the finish at 48:50.


Of the six Rock n Roll’s I have participated in, this by far was the most challenging due to the humidity. Every runner I conversed with later in the day, relay or 13.1, had the same thing to say.

Congratulations to everyone for finishing! The beers at the end were well deserved and well earned !!!






Today will be spent with massages and probably a swim in the salty ocean.


Happy Recovery



5 thoughts on “Rockin Hot!

    • Thanks for the kind words 🙂 gold bond works instead of glide. I love it on hot days in my shoes and sports bra. Baby powder is good too.

  1. Great job to you and your dad! That is so awesome that you are able to race together! It was definitely a rough race for me but it was great seeing you and Thao out there on the course all of those times!


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