Best Post Race Beverages

What is your drink of choice after a race? There are several new players in this game: Beer, Coconut water, Aloe, and even Chocolate Milk?

Beer is usually a sponsor of most races therefore in most cases is easily accessible after the run. But there may be more benefits to drinking that cold beer than once thought. According to a 2007 study at Granada University, a pint beer is just as effective at rehydrating your body as water. So go ahead, throw back a cold one post race. You’ve earned it!

Ultra post 2012 Rock n Roll

Yuengling post 2011 Shamrock 8k

Although, it is an all natural beverage rather than some brightly colored sports drinks available out there, coconut water can be a more pricey option for post race refreshment. You may pay up to $3 per bottle of the so calked super food. According to CBC News, the benefit of coconut water is that it gets into the system faster than bananas that are rich in potassium. When choosing a coconut water, be mindful of labels. Beware of high sugar content and other non essential ingredients.

Vita CoCo available at Harris Teeter

Vita Coco Ingredients

For years we have known about the benefits of aloe for sunburns and the wonderful effects it can have on the skin in a topical form. Aloe has made a breakthrough into the sports nutrition world. According to a recent article by Shape Magazine, it alerts consumers of little scientific research supporting the benefits of Aloe being consumed in a drinkable form. According to a study of the National Toxicology Program, when aloe was given to rats, a direct correlation of carcinogenic activity was found along with rumors in the intestines. Keep in mind this study was done on animals NOT humans.


Aloe Drink Available at Trader Joe’s

Would you like chocolate after your race? Better yet, chocolate milk. Recently I participated in the Rock n Roll Marathon series. They are sponsored by Refuel. The got chocolate milk campaign has made a large footprint in the post race beverage industry. According to a September 2012 press release by Refuel, their mission is to show runners that what you do after a strenuous workout can greatly impact your results in the next race. Backed by world class athletes, your childhood favorite has been proven to be one of the best post race formulas for exercise recovery. The effectiveness of lowest chocolate milk is a combination of cost, convenience, and the carb to protein ratio in contains. Chocolate milk is more than a school cafeteria lunchtime favorite. Sign up for the Rock n Roll Marathon Series and you will be treated to a cold carton at the finish line.




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