Must Haves for Workout Hair

Do you have trouble keeping your hair out of your face, especially when working out ? I definitely do. It seems like I have tried everything. Everytime I go to a race expo, it seems as if I’m suckered into the next best thing.

I have a large collection of headbands.

Bondi Band

Sweaty Bands

Cotton Headbands available at Target

Expo Purchase, Worn During the Shamrock 2012 1/2 marathon

Headband from Medical Pre Tape, made by my friend’s niece

A roll of the medical pre tape can be bought at Five Below in multiple colors for $5
This by far was the most creative. Also, it seemed to not damage or pull my hair.

Tiny claws for my baby hairs work pretty well too.

Recently I received my September Birchbox. There was a wonderful new hair accessory… The Twistband!

I used it immediately during a run. Loving it! I love the grey color I received in my Birchbox. Grey is chic enough to be used during the day for business attire.
My hair stayed up and pulled just tight enough for an attractive ponytail. This is in the running for a favorite thing!

You know I love fun workout accessories. A wonderful workout accessory and one of my favorite things is the Go Girl Bands . These bands don’t slip. They also are very stylish! They come in many varieties. Skinny, wide, and there are even bands for little ones. These could be a great edition to your daily wardrobe, working out or not!

Get yours today!
Go Girl Bands





(***disclosure, the beautiful model in the Go Girl Bands Ad is my cousin-she makes them!)

Happy Hair Styling


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