Tuesday Tune Up -The Cult

We are doing a throw back today!!!

Shake, shake, shake, shake it, yeah

Have you heard a song for years and never really “listened” to it? That is what I have been doing all these years when listening to The Cult. Being born in the 80’s, I always knew of the The Cult and liked them, but I would not say they were among my favorites…until now!

After in impromptu Sunday Funday with bands and beverages…a new crush was born.

A crush for The Cult, specifically for thier song Fire Woman. Love the lyrics and love the way that one of my best friends was getting down to them. Now, this song has meaning for me. I instantly downloaded that song and a few others from the 80’s rock legend.

When that song comes through my headphones, I am transformed to that place. To that day, where we danced our cares away.

This morning during my run, the song came on at the halfway mark and subconsciously I speed up.

What song does this for you? What song gets you moving or reminds you of someone?

Happy Culting


Sunday Funday


Morning Sunrise at 64th


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