Kickball…Not Just For Kids Anymore

According to the Livestrong website, when you play kickball for an hour you can burn up to 460 calories per hour. This sport is one we remember from our elementary school days. Hopefully for you it is a good and happy memory, not one of being the last to be picked 😦 Well this sport isn’t just for kids anymore.

The adult kickball craz has swept the nation, including right here in Virginia Beach. Chances are you probably know someone right now that plays in one of the many leagues. You may even play yourself. These leagues are comprised of organized teams with all different skill levels. There are the recreational players and then there are the more competitive. Some leagues even partake in some icy cold beverages during their games. I’m not sure if those teams are getting quite the same calorie burn. Nevertheless they are still blowing off some steam, getting some physical activity, and having fun.

WAAR, or World Association of Adult Recreation is a great organization offering several adult sport leagues. I played in the WAAR league for several seasons so of course I think this league is the best! During my time with WAAR, we played weekly at Fort Story. We had a spring and a fall season. I was a member of a more competitive team. My team was made up of some great people and we all looked forward to our weekly Thursday night game. Sometimes we even had team dinners and outings just as you may have done if you ever played high school sports. In edition to playing for a team, I also was on the board for several seasons and oversaw the rules and regulations. Yes… Rules! Each league has their own set of rules they are followed closely. Rules or not, kickball is a great way to get some extra physical activity into your weekly schedule. Whether you are a top athlete or just there for fun, you will be glad you decided to join…no matter what league or team you chose!

Last week I was reminded of just how fun my kickball days were. Our company participated in a corporate sand kickball tournament. Our team was made up of people from all different departments. It was a great chance to interact with my coworkers outside of work! It was an amazing way to spend a Friday afternoon…on the beach and in the sun! It was a great Friday afternoon workout, running in the sand can be tough.

I encourage you to look into the leagues below and consider if this fun sport is right for you!

Area Leagues :


Virginia Beach Parks and Rec

Virginia Beach Fieldhouse

Happy kicking







Best Post Race Beverages

What is your drink of choice after a race? There are several new players in this game: Beer, Coconut water, Aloe, and even Chocolate Milk?

Beer is usually a sponsor of most races therefore in most cases is easily accessible after the run. But there may be more benefits to drinking that cold beer than once thought. According to a 2007 study at Granada University, a pint beer is just as effective at rehydrating your body as water. So go ahead, throw back a cold one post race. You’ve earned it!

Ultra post 2012 Rock n Roll

Yuengling post 2011 Shamrock 8k

Although, it is an all natural beverage rather than some brightly colored sports drinks available out there, coconut water can be a more pricey option for post race refreshment. You may pay up to $3 per bottle of the so calked super food. According to CBC News, the benefit of coconut water is that it gets into the system faster than bananas that are rich in potassium. When choosing a coconut water, be mindful of labels. Beware of high sugar content and other non essential ingredients.

Vita CoCo available at Harris Teeter

Vita Coco Ingredients

For years we have known about the benefits of aloe for sunburns and the wonderful effects it can have on the skin in a topical form. Aloe has made a breakthrough into the sports nutrition world. According to a recent article by Shape Magazine, it alerts consumers of little scientific research supporting the benefits of Aloe being consumed in a drinkable form. According to a study of the National Toxicology Program, when aloe was given to rats, a direct correlation of carcinogenic activity was found along with rumors in the intestines. Keep in mind this study was done on animals NOT humans.


Aloe Drink Available at Trader Joe’s

Would you like chocolate after your race? Better yet, chocolate milk. Recently I participated in the Rock n Roll Marathon series. They are sponsored by Refuel. The got chocolate milk campaign has made a large footprint in the post race beverage industry. According to a September 2012 press release by Refuel, their mission is to show runners that what you do after a strenuous workout can greatly impact your results in the next race. Backed by world class athletes, your childhood favorite has been proven to be one of the best post race formulas for exercise recovery. The effectiveness of lowest chocolate milk is a combination of cost, convenience, and the carb to protein ratio in contains. Chocolate milk is more than a school cafeteria lunchtime favorite. Sign up for the Rock n Roll Marathon Series and you will be treated to a cold carton at the finish line.



New Tune Tuesday

A lot of you ask me for song choices for your playlist. I’m going to try and share a new song choice with you every Tuesday.

This Tuesday I am sharing the new Alicia Keys song, Girl On Fire. She performed this song recently at the MTV Video Music Awards. The performance featured a cameo appearance by Nicki Minaj. The thing that moved me most about the performance, was that 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas did gymnastics during the song. It was amazing.

( source)



This may not be the fastest song, but I think you will find it
inspiring! This could be a great warm-up or stretching song. You could
also use this song as a boost during a tough day. The lyrics are
empowering and motivating. Girl Power! I hope you enjoy it.

Please share your favorite song choices here as well.

Happy Tuning

Upcoming Fall Race Recommendations

Are you looking for a reason to get training? There are several great races coming up that could be great for you. Fall in Virginia Beach can be a great time for you to train and enjoy the local scenery. Many of us refer to September and the fall as the time “we take back the beach!”

The tourists have gone home and the locals come out in full force and bask in the beach life. The temperatures are cooler and this is a wonderful time for you to join the beach running community. Between the boardwalk and the park, you have wonderful places to train. If you have been thinking about signing up for a race, here are some of my favorites!

Coming up first is the Neptune 8k/5k. This is a great weekend at the beach with the annual Neptune Festival. This year will be the 39th annual boardwalk weekend, September 28-30 . Between the sandcastle competition, wine, art, bands, and boardwalk you are sure to have a great time. Why not add a race to your weekend schedule. This is by far one of the best race after parties. Beer trucks and pizza and always included. The weather is usually pretty good too. Register Now !

Next up on October 7, is a new race. From the buzz I have been hearing, the 2012 Innagural Crawlin Crab Half Marathon and 5k is the place to be! Right across the water in Hampton, this event looks to have everything you would want in a race. Beer, chowder, a great course, an expo, and hopefully cooler temperatures. This race is being put on by J & A Racing. All races put on by J & A are proven to be successful. When searching for a race to sign up for, you can be guaranteed that a J & A event will be a blast. They are always organized. There is always a great race shirt and great swag. Register Today !

One of the most touching races of the year will be held October 13. The Komen Race for the Cure is an inspirational event. Pull out all of your pink running gear and support the cause for breast cancer awareness. Teams will grace the Virginia Beach boardwalk in honor of survivors and remembering those we have lost. This race is a great one for walkers and runners alike. Whether you are part of a team or an individual, this event is sure to meet your expectations. Gather your gal pals and sign up today!

October 27, will be the Wicked 10k ! This is another great event put on by J & A Racing. If you love dressing up for Halloween, then this is the race for you! If the costumes aren’t enough to intice you to register, the course features the boardwalk. The after party proves to be worthy with refreshments provided by Baker’s Crust and Blue Moon. Start thinking about your race costume now, there is a contest for best dressed! Register Today !

Pick the race that is right for you! I hope to see YOU on the race course soon!

What race will you sign up for?

Happy Registering





Race For The Cure 2011

Flag on the Play, A guide to using football penalties in the dating world

Are you ready for some football? This past weekend kicked off the
official start to college football. Tonight is the season opener for the NFL season. That is why I feel tonight’s entry is so appropriate.

I had the privilege
of attending the first ODU football game of this season on Saturday
night. I am a season ticket holder and am excited about this final
season in the CAA and the upcoming seasons into Conference USA. During
halftime on Saturday’s game between ODU and Duquense, I had a sort of
epiphany. What if you could borrow the same penalty system used in
college football for your experience in the dating world?

If you know me, or have read this blog at all before, you know I love
to relate alot of real life scenarios to sports. Terms such as: delay
of game, encroachment, false start, and even offsides with their
corresponding penalties could be very useful for single people.

False Start

First Down
For example: In football, a first down is given when the offensive
team is able to move the ball a specified number of yards. They have 4
tries to move the ball the 10 yards. Every ten yards they earn gets
them a first down. Dating interpretation: Let’s say you are
meeting someone for the first time. You begin talking with them and it seems to be going
well. At a certain point in the conversation, you are ready to advance
on. This would be where they would earn the FIRST DOWN. This is a good
call to receive:)

First Down

Encroachment or Holding
The conversation could take a turn in the other direction where things
start to feel uncomfortable. This would be where the peruser has
moved in too close. They are in your space without getting the ok. It
is now time to throw the flag. The penalty would result in you
changing your location or leaving the establishment all together. In
football, they have the call of ENCROACHMENT. Before the snap, the
defensive player has crossed the line of scrimmage and made contact
with the opponent. This would result in a five yard penalty. A more
common call is HOLDING. This is illegal grasping or pulling on the
opponent, the result is a 10 yard penalty. Please no touching, one
will let you know if and when holding is allowed. The possible penalty
could result in game over!


Delay of Game
Also, let’s not forget the ever frustrating DELAY OF GAME. In
football, this is where any action is used to deliberately stop the
next play from occurring. It could be the offense not snapping the
ball before the play clock reaches zero. Penalty results in 5 yards.
Dating interpretation could be any of the following: not calling after
the initial date, not having set plans, not returning messages.
Penalty in this case could result in no second date or call back.

After the previous call of Delay of game, one may come to find out the
reasoning was a substitution. In football, if a team has 12 or more
players in the huddle for 3-5 seconds, or 12 players on the field
before the the ball is snapped. Penalty, 5 yards. In dating, a
SUBSTITUTION could be detrimental to your game, especially an illegal
one. Without your knowledge, you may have been removed from the play
altogether. This could explain the previous delay of game and the
penalty for you is you are out completely.

Time Out
Due the circumstances from the above play, one may be forced to take a
TIME OUT. In football, each team is permitted 3 time outs per half. Dating interpretation:
You may need a time out from your current partner or one may need a
time out from dating indefinitely. In the dating world, time outs are
unlimited. If you find yourself taking too many time outs on one
dating experience, it may be best to call the game.

Time Out

In the event things go well the sign on the field you are looking for
is a TOUCHDOWN! In football, this results in 6 points on the board.
You have managed to forgo too many penalties and were able to
successfully drive down the field. Congratulations! This should result
in an exchange of the digits, a second date, or a goodnight kiss. If
either of those go well, you may get the opportunity to go for the
extra point!

Have fun out there all you single people, and remember these penalties
next time you begin a new game. Be sure to only be receiving first
downs and touchdowns. Steer clear from anyone earning penalties and
definitely make sure you aren’t the one guilty of HOLDING, DELAY OF

Happy Punting

Rockin Hot!

It was a humid day! Early in the morning, it was already warm.


I left the house early. Decked out in my running tank, my waterproof mascara, headband, and plenty of powder.


I picked up my Dad a few blocks before the Virginia Beach Convention Center. I dropped him off at 6:25am near the starting line. I then made my way over to Shadow Lawn to grab my bike and my buddy before heading over to the relay exchange.



We had plenty of time before we would begin so we decided to watch as the runners made their way over the Rudee Bridge for the first time. We were able to see the Elite runners, Team Hoyt, and several friends cross the bridge. Everyone looked great! As we biked over we were able to cheer for friends along the way and enjoy some of the bands prior to our run!




We made our way to the relay exchange with plenty of time to spare. It was so humid and hot even with a lot of cloud cover. I noticed a common theme as every relay runner came in. They all were giving words of wisdom to their partner. “Beware of the humidity and utilize the water stops.” All the runners were soaked as if they had been swimming in a pool.

Dad came in to hand off to me around 9:20 am. He gave me the same piece of advice. With only 5.3 miles for me, I wouldn’t think it would be that bad. I noticed a lot of runners, guys and girls alike, running “topless.” I did toss my running tank before my run. I knew I couldn’t deal with a heavy shirt in the thick humidity.

As I started my leg of the relay, I found myself weaving in and out of the 3:00 hour pace group. Sorry to everyone in that group. I didn’t mean to fly through, but I was on a pace of my own. I was shooting for 45:00 ish. Surprisingly I zipped through Camp Pendleton no problem. I was soaked by the time I made it to Croatan. It was so humid I actually grabbed a sponge at a water stop and used it to absorb my sweat. Yuck 🙂

Thanks to all the friends I saw on the course. I appreciate your cheering. That is always so fun! I always know to look for my one friend just before I cross the bridge, his house is there and cheers there every year 🙂 Thanks Bo!!!

As I rounded the loop for the last mile, reality set in. Between the humidity, the bridge, and the football tailgating the day before-45:00 was just out of reach. My sunglasses were smeared and fogged up so bad, my clothes were drenched, my braid was dripping. Ugh!!! I crossed the finish at 48:50.


Of the six Rock n Roll’s I have participated in, this by far was the most challenging due to the humidity. Every runner I conversed with later in the day, relay or 13.1, had the same thing to say.

Congratulations to everyone for finishing! The beers at the end were well deserved and well earned !!!






Today will be spent with massages and probably a swim in the salty ocean.


Happy Recovery


Good Luck Runners

In 24 hours the Rock n Roll will be over. The nearly 20,000 runners will be finished and on their way to recovery.

The race will begin at 6:50 am for wheelchair / Team Hoyt participants.
Good luck to all pushers and runners! Go Team Robin and Jared!

Then the Kenyan and Elite runners will start at 7:00am. Corrals will be waived at intervals after that. Good luck to all 13.1 runners! Good luck to you Dad! My relay partner! I’ll be there cheering and waiting for you at the hand off 🙂 20120901-092239.jpg
Team Photo 2011

Today the alarm will be set for a 4:45 am Sunday morning wake up call.

All running supplies are ready to go!

Thanks Jennifer, you know I love these 🙂 They will be perfect for a pre-race energy boost after being up for several hours 🙂

Race Number Ready

Body Ready

Team Shirt Ready to go!

Last night some of my runner friends and I gathered for dinner and music on the beach. Among us were 13.1 participants and relay participants. Before dinner there was a race attire fashion show that included lulu lemon, Nike, Asics, and even headband options. Us runner girls may be tough, but we know the importance of looking good and feeling comfortable!!!

Good Luck Thao and Prissie! Run your heart out girls!


The Shoes