Waiting for New Shoes

Out of stock…everywhere!

Thank you Kelly’s Running Warehouse, you had my shoes available as you usually do. I found this site over the summer when ordering my Rock n Roll training shoes. They ship quickly (usually free) and the website is very user friendly.

I had to settle on the same color as I have now, but I am not running in them for their color anyway 🙂 I run in them for their stability and cushion.


This is my fourth pair of the exact same style and color Asics after running in Nike for years. I ran in Nikes all through high-school. But as I learned, our running habits and feet change. A few years ago I went for a running analysis and discovered that I am an over pronator.

( source Runners World)

According to the Sports Injury Clinic, over pronation can lead to several injuries. Some injuries could be plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, both of which I suffer from.

Due to that I require shoes with sufficient cushion. My feet have become so sensitive that i can feel wen it is time to replace my shoes well before any visible signs of the shoe itself. Generally the rule is to replace shoes between every 300-500 miles. The Asics 2170 have been great.



Hopefully the shoes will continue to help me achieve more of these!

The shoes arrived on Friday just in time for running this weekend!

What are your favorite shoes for training ?

Happy Running


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