Taking Back The Beach…and The Boardwalk

Fall in Virginia Beach is when the locals take back the beach…and the boardwalk.

The boardwalk is BACK! Not that it went anywhere, but I did my time running the gauntlet of tourists and bicycle carts for the past few months. I am grateful for the tourists to come into town and boost up the economy, but it’s nice when they leave too:)

You don’t have to worry about running, literally, into their stray children. You don’t have to worry about them feeding the seagulls from thier hotel rooms as you run underneath. You don’t have to worry about the forbidden fashion show daily as they strut the boardwalk. I mean seriously, this is not the Jersey Shore.

I do not currently belong to a gym, but I refer to it as the same thing that you gym rats encounter on January 1st. All those New Year’s Resolution hopefuls take over your gym, and you have to bid your time for them to give up after a few weeks and quit. I am all about people getting healthy, but it can be frustrating.

How do you keep your patience during that time of year? What are some common frustrations you encounter at your gym or fitness club? How do you handle it or overcome it? Share your tips so by May 2013 I have a good strategy for sharing 🙂

Have Patience








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