Komen Race for the Cure

Saturday October 13, 2013

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. The annual Race for the Cure in Virginia Beach took place yesterday. It was a beautiful fall day perfect for a 5k!

Some Facts About Breast Cancer:
Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States

Breast cancer does not only target women, men can have breast cancer as well. About one percent of all breast cancer cases in the United States occurs in men.

Check HERE for warning signs and promote early detection!

The boardwalk seems to turn into a sea of pink for a few hours every year in this day. Participants range from survivors, fighters, friends, supporters, spouses, children, brothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, and more. There were over 2000 participants. Several local businesses provided swag, support, and donations. Some even participated in the event as well.



Thank you Stanley Steemer, Virginia Beach for getting up early and supporting the fight!

A team of 5 young men who ran the 5k in bras!

Post race photo-finished at 29:00 and 26:00!


Talk to your doctor and don’t be afraid of screenings and exams 🙂 Do your self exams!!! Preserve the sexy, save the ta-ta’s, keep the girls!

Happy Screening



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