Pushing Through

Saturday morning started out cool and sunny. A wonderful crisp, clear, fall day. I hadn’t run in a week due to some combination hip, leg, knee, and foot pain. I am running a 10k next week or would have skipped today’s run as well.

How do you handle pain and issues from over doing it? Do you rest? Do you push through?

I set out to run for an hour or 6 miles, whichever came first. At mile 4 my knee started tweaking and my hip started popping. I usually do not have issues during my runs, it normally happens after. I pushed through as long as I could. By mile five I was done 😦


I stopped myself, bent over in anguish and stopped my Nike running app. The voice on the end congratulating me was that only of Lance Armstrong. Interesting that his voice would come up. Strangely ironic, since just this week he was dropped by Nike and he stepped down from the Livestrong Foundation. I guess I won’t complain too much about my pain and training as he pushed on during cancer and after his recovery! Whatever you may feel or believe he did, you can’t deny Armstrong accomplished some pretty amazing feats.

As I hobbled back to my house, I was experiencing mixed emotions. I was satisfied with my mileage, but deflated from my performance.

I decided it was a good morning for some meditation on the beach. After admiring these views…




I instantly felt better and put back together 🙂

I even found these wild flowers on the dunes 🙂 shhh don’t tell 🙂


Enjoy your surroundings today push through-


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