Wicked 10k Preparations

Time to get WICKED !

Two days to go before the Blue Moon Wicked 10k. Is your training complete? Are your costumes ready? For us adults, this gives us an opportunity to dress up and get festive for Halloween.

This 6.2 mile race will start at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and take you through the oceanfront and you will end on the boardwalk. There is also a costume contest and these people go all out!!! If you are not running, I encourage you to come and check out the extravagant costumes! You will not be disappointed.

This will be only my second Wicked, but already I know it will be a blast. Last year the weather was cold and severe winds made it tough to run a decent time.

This year there will be some challenges as well.

Challenge 1
This year the weather looks to be a bit uncertain and hopefully Hurricane Sandy will hold off.


Challenge 2
Running in costumes!!! 4 of us are running together. Here is a preview…



Stay tuned for more pictures after the race on Saturday!

What are you dressing up as?

Happy Costuming



2 thoughts on “Wicked 10k Preparations

  1. I’ll be there..it’s my 2nd Wicked too! 🙂 We are not dressing up…boring I know! I am curious what the weather will do…thinking the kids might not be able to come watch…who wants to watch a race in the chilly rain? Boo!


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