Raincheck on Running

I am stranded inside as Hurricane Sandy pounds the Virginia Coast. Rain is coming in hard and wind is blowing around 35 mph with gusts near 50. We are not geting the worst of it, but we are getting heavy rain.

Yesterday the ocean was ripping and crazy.This was the view of the beach and ocean from 64th street.





20121029-120817.jpgView of the Westin
Sandy boots from Hurricane Sandy

The only exercise I have done since Saturday was a brief beach walk down to snap these photos. It seems I will be taking a rincheck from running.

Today it doesn’t seem like I will be venturing out so I put out a make shift rain gauge on the deck.

First shot empty at noon.


15 minutes later….

Nearly 1/2 inch

Just under an hour and an inch of rain already!

It’s none stop in Virginia Beach.

1 hour and 15 minutes!!!!

Unfortunately this weather makes me hungry and I keep cooking and snacking ๐Ÿ™‚



Maybe a WOD later from the den ๐Ÿ™‚

How are you dealing with cabin fever?

Any good at home workout suggestions?

Check out my Pinterest board for some at home work out ideas!

Happy Hurricaning


5 thoughts on “Raincheck on Running

  1. The hurricane weather is terrible! I refused to leave my apartment (just outside of DC on the VA side) in this mess … but luckily I live on the 12th floor of my building, so I talked myself into running stairs for a while earlier today so I don’t feel like I completely took the day off of exercise ๐Ÿ˜‰


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