Haunting Fitness Goals

What is haunting your athletic performance?

Are you haunted by any upcoming fitness goals? Training for any races?

This was the site recently as I arrived at my trainer’s house for my weekly early morning crossfit workout.



Little did I know this would be an appropriate site for the workout in store.

It was benchmark day! Excuse me, but I was uninformed or prepared for this 😦

A few months ago we had our first benchmark. 18:48 was my completion time. So that would mean on this day my competitive spirit would have to beat that 🙂

Here was the workout:


I did it…18:12! I’m shooting for sub 18:00 next round. Another girl in my class bettered her results by 2 minutes!!!

Even though my results are improving in time and in overall fitness, I am considering bumping my cross training up to 2 days a week. Maybe adding a day in the pool for swimming. That would mean cutting a running day out.

Please offer your advice. As a runner, I enjoy my few days a week of pavement time. I do need to give my body a break though and focus more on other areas.


Suggestions welcome 🙂

Don’t let the exercise zombies get you. Scare those last few LB’s away or those last seconds right off.


I met my friend early and she was ready for Halloween with her trick or treat headband:)


We were treated to a beautiful sunrise and a show by some dolphins.



Don’t get tricked by Halloween Snacks, Treat yourself to a workout today!
Just like we did this morning on the boardwalk 🙂

Happy Halloween


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