Halloween Hangover

Candy, pizza, beer, cider, chowder!!!
Between Halloween treats and hurricane hibernation, you name it…we ate it!

Today, like clockwork ever Thursday, was early morning workout day. Even though I managed to squeeze in a run yesterday and an ab workout on Monday, after missing 2 weeks of my 79PT WOD, I was struggling today.

Muscles were tight and joints were sore before I even began. So I am setting a new fitness goal…NO RUNNING 😦 That’s right, no running. I need to engage in different exercise for a bit.
I am giving myself a break from running for the month. Will I be able to do it?!?! I am vowing off of running until Thanksgiving! I am officially putting the Asics on the shelf until further notice 😦

My body is too sore and beat up and I need to get healthy. I rejoined the Virginia Beach Recreation Center in hopes of starting swimming laps again. I also will try 2 days next week of 79PT WOD!

I am nervous and anxious to see how and if my body will respond to these changes.

November 1, 2012 —- 2 rounds of the workout below started my November of No-Running!

Have you ever had to quit something you love? How did you replace it?

Happy Hangover





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