Giving Thanks to the Unexpected

Well it’s Thanksgiving! Yeah!!! A day filled with exercise, friends, family, food, and even some cocktails! 20121121-174938.jpg20121121-174943.jpg
Cider + Captain = Happy, Toasty People

At the risk of sounding cynical, I wanted to start by giving thanks to some unexpected people.

First, to a certain athlete I dated in high school. You weren’t the best boyfriend or even the worst. But you were obsessed with how your body looked. However, you did know some great secrets for getting killer abs that I still use today…and for that I thank you.

Second, to the girl who bullied me all through childhood. Shame on you for picking on me, the smallest girl in the neighborhood. Even though I’m only 5 ft…I grew up feeling tough and able to stand up for myself against anything. For that I thank you.

Third, to my sales manager at my first sales job ever. You told me that sales wasn’t for me and I needed to find another path. You made it so miserable that I quit. But I am thankful that you hired me in the first place. I mastered training and was even among one of the best reps of the year before leaving. I now sell against your company everyday and enjoy converting customers away from you regularly.

On a more serious note I am also thankful for…

A wonderful family

Amazing Friends, old and new




Thankful that I’m back to running today and celebrating that with friends




Thankful for this beautiful city

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving

One thought on “Giving Thanks to the Unexpected

  1. I too am thankful to those you mentioned as they taught some great life lessons….even though they were painful at times. I am very thankful for you, my dear daughter. You have given Daddy and I much to be proud of.


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