Runner Girl, 2012 in Review

As I get ready to ring in 2013, I can’t help but think back on what an amazing year I have had here on the web.

This time last year I was launching my first blog post and website. Since then I have added The Fit Petite Facebook fan page. Also, I am know a contributing community blogger for, the largest media site here locally and one of the largest newspaper sites in the country! The Fit Petite is also growing in followers and daily visitors. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful support this past year. I love when people stop me and tell me how much they enjoy a post. It makes me feel so good when I hear about you reading it and especially when you share The Fit Petite.

I look forward to capturing my fitness challenges and goals here in 2013!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from 2012. What were your favorites?












Happy New Year!

Patience, Persistence, Pace

Started the morning sipping a steamy and strong cup of coffee watching the wind ripping outside my window. I was contemplating a Sunday workout when I was invited to run. Sounds easy enough right?! Any other time yes it would have been, but the running invitation came from my trainer.

I said I needed my A$$ kicked, and that’s what I got. We started at 47th street and headed south to the boardwalk. I was running slightly faster than my normal pace and she was running much slower than her regular pace. I held up good until the turn around at 10th street. The wind was making it difficult to run back on the boardwalk so we moved off the boardwalk to the streets. We made our way through the neighborhoods as we pushed north. My holiday diet and sleep deprivation were catching up to me. Slow and steady is how we made it the rest of the way. The conversation we had during the run was a helpful distraction.

I was grateful for the push and motivation. My trainer was patient, persistent, and set a comfortable pace for me to keep up with. Push yourself to do more, run more, lift more, or sweat more. Breaking through a fitness barrier is never easy, if it was… then it wasn’t enough of a goal.

Happy Running

Windy palm tree

Blowing Stoplights

These signs were parallel to the street instead of hanging


Evening Run

Casual evening run…..I enjoyed Christmas lights in the neighborhood, smells of chimney fires, street lights, and the moon rising.


Living at the beach in the summer, I am very comfortable with the sun above and the heat bearing down during training runs. I need to get accustomed to the change of season, change or wardrobe, and change of scenery.

Any tips for easing into winter training?

Where is your favorite place to run in the colder months ?

Enjoy the winter sights and if you live in VB, hit the boardwalk or beach at night to run the lights!

Holiday Lights at the Beach

Charity Miles

I discovered a new app this morning while watching the Today Show. The Charity Miles app will donate money to many great charities. This app is great for bikers, walkers, or runners. For each mile you bike Charity Miles will donate 10 cents to a charity. For every mile you walk or bike, they donate 25 cents.

Simply download the app from iTunes. Each time you run, activate the app. At that time you can pick from a list of charities you will be running for that day. Charity Miles is free to use. They have the money raised already, but want the participation from us in the form of miles for them to donate. It is a great way to fundraise without hitting up everyone in your family for cash$$$.

Today I chose Stand Up To Cancer as my charity of choice. It was motivating knowing I was running for a cause. I encourage you to use this app for future workouts. It helps you go further for a cause and helps the cause by giving them cash!





Happy Fundraising

Ghosts of Christmas Past

In A Christmas Carol, the character of Scrooge is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve. The first spirit was the Ghost of Christmas Past. This ghost visited Scrooge in hopes of opening his eyes and having him change his ways to be a better person.

Recently I was visited by the Ghost of Christmas past. Actually I was visited by several ghosts of Christmas’ past. At the risk of sounding like the Internet version of Taylor Swift, I had to share these stories with you. They are just too entertaining and unbelievable to keep to myself. You see, the spirits I was visited by were in the likes of past boyfriends and dating relationships! The worst kind of spirit!!! And they definitely made me look at making some changes. Now let me be clear, not all of my past relationships were bad, but the 3 spirits that visited me in December were not good.

Spirit #1 visited me himself asking for another shot at dating. This spirit had his chance several years ago when he decided to simultaneously date my neighbor and got caught! So no, I don’t think we will be dating again. But thanks for the champagne piece offering! My friends and I appreciated it 🙂

Spirit #2 manifested itself in the form of a girl that a former boyfriend dated after me. After a track record of this girl being nasty to me, she recently felt the need to run her mouth off about this particular gentleman to me at a party and throw herself on me to hug me. After that she asked if we could take a picture together to send to him and how funny that would be. Ummm…I think not!!!!!! Who even asks that?!?! It was obvious to me that she had been partaking in some “spirits” of her own.

Spirit #3 refers to a couple of people. Guy friends. I guess I have given SOME of you too much credit over the years. If we are friends, I expect you to treat me as a friend. If you are going to bring me out of the friend zone, I expect you to treat me with some respect and be honest. I don’t expect you to date other people or better yet, still be dating your last girlfriend. Ugh yuck! You see, this is why we were friends in the first place because I know you!

Like Scrooge, I will look at doing some things differently. I will pay closer attention to that inside voice when it starts talking. Those spirits reminded me to keep my standards high and hold out for the right thing.

Enjoy the spirits of Christmas Present and look forward to the Spirits of Christmas Future!

Here we are partaking in the free champagne

Enjoy the holiday spirit 😊

Tuesday Holiday Tunes

With our hearts still heavy, we look to things that will bring us peace and comfort. We look to things that bring us cheer.

My running time has always been a time for me to enjoy solitude and often I find myself in prayer and reflection.

With Christmas approaching, it is time for me to put out a Christmas playlist.
Use these songs on a run, around the house, or in the car. Use these songs in an uplifting manor. Take a break from the sad tv news and surround yourself with joyful sounds.

Ava Maria – Josh Grobin
Silent Night – Michael Buble’
Baby It’s Cold Outside – Rosemary Clooney
Last Christmas – Taylor Swift
Holiday – Vampire Weekend
All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
O Holy Night – Martina McBride
Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses






Spread some cheer

Wear Colors for Sandy Hook

Like most of the country, I spent Friday afternoon in tears and disbelief. As a former kindergarten teacher, this story struck close to home for me.

I could relate to the first grade teacher, Kaitlin Roig, I saw interviewed on the news. As a teacher, when you begin each school year you prepare to grow, mold, teach and even protect all your students. On field trips you find yourself constantly counting kids to make sure they are all accounted for. As a teacher it is nearly impossible not to let those little people find their way into your heart. Even after the school year passes, they each have a little place inside of you that will stay there for years to come.

Unfortunately, drills preparing us against this same type of incident were practiced as part of our yearly emergency planning, just as tornado and fire drills. It’s something as an educator you hope you never have to follow through with. Especially when an event of this magnitude is unimaginable to adults let alone children.

In honor of the victims of Sandy Hook please wear the school colors of green and white or the town colors of yellow and blue Monday.