On the First Day of Christmas

This time of year one can’t help but have a wish list. Your list may involve products and items you would like to have. It may include wishes and dreams for you, for others, or even for the world. Maybe your list involves places you would like to visit. Maybe it includes things to do. My list involves a little of everything. This list is comprised on the premise of no limitations. This list was made in fun and for fun from the point of view of a single girl. This list is for pure fantasy. It is the one time of year to dream big. Dreaming is the only hope of them coming true 😊 I hope you enjoy my rendition of the 12 days of Christmas.

So here it goes…

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….some snow for me to ski… definitely not a partridge in a pear tree. A fair amount of snow, enough to build a snowman or even hit some slopes. It doesn’t have to be here, in Virginia Beach, but I would love to be somewhere this season with snow on the ground. Maybe a ski trip. I’ve never been and would be a great first for the new year.

That’s the first one… SNOW!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift idea!

Happy Snow Day⛄⛄⛄





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