On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave me 11 reasons to give back. As I sit in my cozy apartment with good health, food, shelter, and Christmas songs playing I am reminded why we celebrate this holiday. Remember those important things as you shop and give this season. If you are looking to give back or pay it forward this holiday season, try shopping at these retailers.

1. Omaze – check out this site for making a dream come true, each fantasy is tied to a charity!

2. Toms – for each pair of shoes purchased they donate a pair to a child, these wedges are on my list!


3. St. Jude see their website and find retail sponsors you can shop with to help donate. Also.. TODAY if you pledge to donate $25 a month, you will receive a beautiful Christmas ornament.


4. Oxfam – this gift is unique and unforgettable. Check out their site and shop for items such as a dozen chickens, cow, building tools, books for kids, or even donate to help start a farmers market. All goods go to support international relief and development in 90 different countries.


5. Shop for Charity Now, visit this site for a list of charities and a list of your favorite stores participating. You can match the charity up to your favorite store and they will receive the benefit!

6. Tisbest, why didn’t I think of this? Give a monetary gift card to a friend or family member. They can then log into the Tisbest site and decide where they would like to donate the funds!!! Very clever and unique, and it helps get the recipient involved!

7. Free Arts NYC – awesome holiday cards!

8. The Giving Keys, this gifts helps the with the transition out of homelessness.


9. Tory Burch, we all love you! Support the Tory Burch Foundation as it supports and empowers women busy owners !!!


10. Kiehl’s has 100 community partners on their site. Great products!!!


11. Don’t forget your local churches. There is always a family they know of in need, especially this of year. You can walk in the front door and donate goods or $$$$💚❤😊

If money is tight for you, you can serve and support through your time and talents as well.

Happy Helping


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