Wear Colors for Sandy Hook

Like most of the country, I spent Friday afternoon in tears and disbelief. As a former kindergarten teacher, this story struck close to home for me.

I could relate to the first grade teacher, Kaitlin Roig, I saw interviewed on the news. As a teacher, when you begin each school year you prepare to grow, mold, teach and even protect all your students. On field trips you find yourself constantly counting kids to make sure they are all accounted for. As a teacher it is nearly impossible not to let those little people find their way into your heart. Even after the school year passes, they each have a little place inside of you that will stay there for years to come.

Unfortunately, drills preparing us against this same type of incident were practiced as part of our yearly emergency planning, just as tornado and fire drills. It’s something as an educator you hope you never have to follow through with. Especially when an event of this magnitude is unimaginable to adults let alone children.

In honor of the victims of Sandy Hook please wear the school colors of green and white or the town colors of yellow and blue Monday.





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