Ghosts of Christmas Past

In A Christmas Carol, the character of Scrooge is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve. The first spirit was the Ghost of Christmas Past. This ghost visited Scrooge in hopes of opening his eyes and having him change his ways to be a better person.

Recently I was visited by the Ghost of Christmas past. Actually I was visited by several ghosts of Christmas’ past. At the risk of sounding like the Internet version of Taylor Swift, I had to share these stories with you. They are just too entertaining and unbelievable to keep to myself. You see, the spirits I was visited by were in the likes of past boyfriends and dating relationships! The worst kind of spirit!!! And they definitely made me look at making some changes. Now let me be clear, not all of my past relationships were bad, but the 3 spirits that visited me in December were not good.

Spirit #1 visited me himself asking for another shot at dating. This spirit had his chance several years ago when he decided to simultaneously date my neighbor and got caught! So no, I don’t think we will be dating again. But thanks for the champagne piece offering! My friends and I appreciated it 🙂

Spirit #2 manifested itself in the form of a girl that a former boyfriend dated after me. After a track record of this girl being nasty to me, she recently felt the need to run her mouth off about this particular gentleman to me at a party and throw herself on me to hug me. After that she asked if we could take a picture together to send to him and how funny that would be. Ummm…I think not!!!!!! Who even asks that?!?! It was obvious to me that she had been partaking in some “spirits” of her own.

Spirit #3 refers to a couple of people. Guy friends. I guess I have given SOME of you too much credit over the years. If we are friends, I expect you to treat me as a friend. If you are going to bring me out of the friend zone, I expect you to treat me with some respect and be honest. I don’t expect you to date other people or better yet, still be dating your last girlfriend. Ugh yuck! You see, this is why we were friends in the first place because I know you!

Like Scrooge, I will look at doing some things differently. I will pay closer attention to that inside voice when it starts talking. Those spirits reminded me to keep my standards high and hold out for the right thing.

Enjoy the spirits of Christmas Present and look forward to the Spirits of Christmas Future!

Here we are partaking in the free champagne

Enjoy the holiday spirit 😊


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