Charity Miles

I discovered a new app this morning while watching the Today Show. The Charity Miles app will donate money to many great charities. This app is great for bikers, walkers, or runners. For each mile you bike Charity Miles will donate 10 cents to a charity. For every mile you walk or bike, they donate 25 cents.

Simply download the app from iTunes. Each time you run, activate the app. At that time you can pick from a list of charities you will be running for that day. Charity Miles is free to use. They have the money raised already, but want the participation from us in the form of miles for them to donate. It is a great way to fundraise without hitting up everyone in your family for cash$$$.

Today I chose Stand Up To Cancer as my charity of choice. It was motivating knowing I was running for a cause. I encourage you to use this app for future workouts. It helps you go further for a cause and helps the cause by giving them cash!





Happy Fundraising



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