Evening Run

Casual evening run…..I enjoyed Christmas lights in the neighborhood, smells of chimney fires, street lights, and the moon rising.


Living at the beach in the summer, I am very comfortable with the sun above and the heat bearing down during training runs. I need to get accustomed to the change of season, change or wardrobe, and change of scenery.

Any tips for easing into winter training?

Where is your favorite place to run in the colder months ?

Enjoy the winter sights and if you live in VB, hit the boardwalk or beach at night to run the lights!

Holiday Lights at the Beach

2 thoughts on “Evening Run

  1. tips for winter running….
    keep head & hands covered
    take dry shirt to change into after run, too keep from getting chilled
    start slow, let legs warm up
    favorite place to run in winter…
    public wildlife management area on Ballahack Road in CHesapeake

    • These are great tips! It still can be enjoyable running outside when it’s cold looking at wildlife. Thanks for the tips and suggestions.


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