Patience, Persistence, Pace

Started the morning sipping a steamy and strong cup of coffee watching the wind ripping outside my window. I was contemplating a Sunday workout when I was invited to run. Sounds easy enough right?! Any other time yes it would have been, but the running invitation came from my trainer.

I said I needed my A$$ kicked, and that’s what I got. We started at 47th street and headed south to the boardwalk. I was running slightly faster than my normal pace and she was running much slower than her regular pace. I held up good until the turn around at 10th street. The wind was making it difficult to run back on the boardwalk so we moved off the boardwalk to the streets. We made our way through the neighborhoods as we pushed north. My holiday diet and sleep deprivation were catching up to me. Slow and steady is how we made it the rest of the way. The conversation we had during the run was a helpful distraction.

I was grateful for the push and motivation. My trainer was patient, persistent, and set a comfortable pace for me to keep up with. Push yourself to do more, run more, lift more, or sweat more. Breaking through a fitness barrier is never easy, if it was… then it wasn’t enough of a goal.

Happy Running

Windy palm tree

Blowing Stoplights

These signs were parallel to the street instead of hanging




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