Tuesday Tunes and TABATA

Last week all I wanted to do was eat and veg out.


That’s really not like me at all. The Fit Petite is becoming The FAT Petite.

Between house hunting, packing, moving, working, etc, etc, etc… I have been worn out. I must start this week back on the right track. I need something to help motivate me to get moving and start training a little for the upcoming Shamrock 8k.

This week for the Tuesday Tunes, I am creating a new playlist. These songs are meant to inspire me and get me moving. I paired the new songs with a Tuesday TABATA workout at 79 PT.

8 rounds
Mountain Climbers
Wall balls
Basic Ab
Ball Slam

Crank the tunes up and get moving!








Do What You Love

Do you spend time everyday doing something that you love? Have you been able to parle that into a career? Or has your career turned into something that you have learned to love?

I have been in the marketing and advertising field for several years now. With each year that passes, it becomes more clear that this is the career path I am meant to be on. The saying goes, “if you do something you love everyday, it doesn’t feel like work”. I have come to appreciate and value the rare joy I experience everyday, especially in these hard economic times. I feel blessed to have something so dear that I love and actually have become good at.

I’ve also been able to take my sales and marketing acumen into a secondary, supplemental job after hours. This is not a pitch for Stella and Dot, but it can’t help but be mentioned. My Stella and Dot business has hit the ground running!!! I have been a customer of this company for several years and just recently became a stylist with them, mainly to support my own habit 😀 It has been such a wonderful, easy way to pick up a few bucks while mingling and socializing with friends.

Today, I was able to enjoy some of my favorite things while hosting a trunk show for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection!
Friends, Cocktails, Jewels !!!











Find what you love 💛💙💜💚

My Review of Wareings, Part 3

It was last Friday afternoon, end of the day and end of the work week. The last thing I was thinking about was a workout. But being at Wareing’s throughout the previous week, it was recommended for me to try the SWAT class Friday at 5:30. The class is taught by Teri Twine.

There was limited space available for the class, so I made sure I arrived by 5:15 to get a ticket to reserve my spot for the class. Two of my girlfriends who are members at Wareing’s, met me for the class as well.

This was not the typical spin class you may see in a clip from The Real Housewives of New York. SWAT (Spinning With A Twist), was a great workout sneakily disguised in dance music. The instructor was on a platform in the front, facing us. The lights were completely dimmed and we spun by candlelight. We used light dumbbells for pressing and curling. We pedaled and moved to the pace of the music.

This class was fast paced with fast music!!! That is just how I pace my running, to the beat. All my playlists favorites were there. Songs by FloRida, Katy Perry, Kesha, Pitbull, and we even closed the class out with Prodigy. I found myself singing along to the music for the entire class. The hour long class passed quickly. I was soaked and satisfied with this workout. SWAT turned out to be my favorite class that I attended this week! Great music, great friends, and a great instructor turned this Friday afternoon workout into a must do before heading into the weekend!!!

Pre Class Photo




After Class Photo

Happy SWATing

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My Review of Wareings Gym, Part 2

Tonight was my second night trying out a class at Wareing’s Gym at the beach. It was recommended the night before that I check out the 5:30 Spin Circuit.

I arrived at the gym by 5:15 and there was already a line forming outside the spin room. Everyone was buzzing about the class. About 30 fit people, guys and girls alike seemed to be ready for this hour long adventure. The class was taught by one of the trainers and a member of the Wareing’s Management staff, Teri Twine. I noticed among the participants in the class were some other Wareing’s Trainers as well. The class began promptly at 5:30. We began with some warm ups and stretching. Then we were broken up into 6 groups. There would be six circuits throughout the class, two of them being spin circuits. Among the others were a TRX circuit, a ball slam circuit, and body bar circuit. Each circuit had three different exercises alternating 3 rounds each before moving to a new circuit. My favorite were the body bar and TRX. I love exercises that use my own body weight. Great music was pumping through the speakers the entire class! It was fast and loud, just like I like it. Teri walks around to help you with any exercise and correct your form if needed. She wears a headset and shouts out personalized motivation periodically throughout the class. During the last circuit, she cut the lights and did the final countdown. What an awesome way to finish! By the time the class ended at 6:30. I was drenched in sweat. For me, that is a sign of a fulfilling workout.

Speaking with Teri after the class, she mentioned this class could burn upwards of 800 calories! WHOA!!! That’s no joke!!! This class was a great way to challenge myself with other exercises that I haven’t done in a while. As I left the gym and thought about my workouts the past two nights, I was reminded of how important it is, as a runner, to develop my overall fitness.

Have you ever hit a fitness plateau? Have you ever not been able to loose those last 5 lbs? I recommend adding in a new workout to your weekly routine. Spinning is a great way to push yourself and work other muscle groups in your body.

This class gets high marks!!! It has me considering buying a Wareing’s 8 Class punch card to squeeze this class in from time to time.

Happy Spinning





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My Review of Wareings Gym, Part 1


Located on 19th street, Wareing’s Gym has been a Virginia Beach staple for over 40 years. John Wareing opened the gym in 1960. This gym is family owned and operated and at any given time, you will find a handful of smiling, friendly Wareing Family members in the gym.

The gym strives to accommodate personal needs of all. They also vow to keep fitness and working out fun.

Here are a few of the amenities Wareing’s has to offer. There is a yoga room, boxing ring, coed and single sex designated workout areas, locker rooms for the convenience of exercising before or after work, and cardio theater to help pass the time spent on one of the many machines. The gym has an array of equipment from treadmills, bikes (spin and stationary), and stair climbers. There is also FREE childcare (no excuses parents).

If classes are more your speed, Wareing’s offers over 20 different programs to chose from. You can drop in throughout the day for yoga, spinning, TABATA, Survivor, Total Body, and Fit Club to name a few.

Fit Club was the first class I tried. I attended an evening class, but it is offered in the morning and at lunch as well. This is a small group class with personalized attention. The participants in this class ranged in fitness levels. All levels of fitness can be in a given class, and the trainers can modify or intensify the workout based on the individual. The class is high intensity and focuses on total body.

We began the workout with some good stretching and warmups. Our workout consisted of 3 sets of exercises. Exercises ranged from box jumps, TRX inverted row, power slams with the rope, mini band push up, and more totaling 9 exercises in all. Each one working a different muscle group. The class was about an hour and passed quickly. The trainers Teri Twine and Chris Ullum monitored our progress and gave suggestions and encouragement throughout.

This class was a great one for any fitness level and a must for anyone looking into total body fitness and upping their game!

Happy Fit Clubbing






To inquire about a fitness review of your gym, contact Jess Horton at jesshorton1@gmail.com