Are Girlfriends the New Husbands or are their husbands the new girlfriends

Recently there was an article in Marie Claire discussing the new relationships between woman. Not a romantic relationship, but the deep friendship that has developed amongst women as more and more of us are single longer. Many more women these days are cocktailing, dining, and even traveling with other women. Women are making more money these days than ever before and are not at the mercy of having to get married, but rather want to. Wendy Williams even discussed the article on her talk show in December. In the segment she discussed the dynamics of the relationship. I agree with Wendy, my relationships with women are not substitutes for a relationship with a man. The two are completely different.

Being one of the last of my girlfriends to still be single, I have much experience with this. I have traveled to Mexico and Florida, both with girlfriends and have had 2 of the best trips of my life with each of them. But now they have found wonderful men.

In my teens and probably even in my 20’s, If I am being honest I probably would have not understood being passed over for time with their guys. But as I mature, I realize that this is exactly where they should be. I am just thrilled now when I am included in on the plans with the both of them.

I have a few girlfriends who are newly weds, 2 who are engaged, and one who I think will be soon. This means that instead of loosing my friends to their mates, I now have their men at my full disposal. My gal talks are now more liberating than ever. The advice about my dating escapades now comes from by Besties and their guys! And the advice has to be good, because they all managed to find each other 🙂

Don’t let these dudes fool you, they love hearing all the juicy details about my single shenanigans as much as my girls do. So now my calls to my girls sometimes involve speaker phone. If not I usually follow with a “what does Mark/Luke/Pete think?”

So I think the “New” relationship to watch is actually between the single gal and her marrieds.






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