My Review of 79PT

This time of year people begin looking to find the perfect gym for their fitness needs. Each person needs something a little different. Some need personal attention, others need drop in gyms, some people love classes, others just need to use the equipment. I thought it would be great if there was a directory of reviews where prospective gym rats could look and help them in their quest for the perfect place. I will begin to compile such information by reviewing some of the most popular gyms in Virginia Beach. These reviews are strictly my opinion. I am not in the market of gym shopping, but figured I would be up for the challenge to sweat them out.

My first review is of 79PT. Full disclosure, I have been working out here for about a year. This gym is run out of my trainer, Robin Kassir’s house. Her huge garage has turned into a place I have learned to love. I came across Robin and 79PT last year when looking to bump up my fitness. Being a long time runner, I was in a bit of a rut and needed more. I have never been a big fan of classes but figured I would give one of her evening sessions a try. At 79pt, your first class is free, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I was hooked immediately. There was an opening in the 6:15 am session and there are no contracts for joining so the decision to commit was easy. I workout there once a week during the work week. Some weeks, I bump it up to two times during the week or pick up one of her Saturday morning sessions. On a typical morning when we show up, there are about 6 of us. We check out the large dry erase board with anticipation of what the WOD will be. Robin then demonstrates the workout and we begin. Workouts are timed. We compete against ourselves and sometimes amongst each other. The workouts feature body weight exercises, beach WODs (awesome in the Spring/Summer), and no heavy weights. We focus on high cardio and the goal is lean muscle mass.

Here are the reasons 79PT has been the perfect fit for me. The early morning time frame works great for me since I work and like to keep my evenings free for social gatherings. 79PT is only a few blocks from my house which makes the early workout time convenient. However, there are other class times throughout the day. Workouts are fast and intense. I use my own body weight a lot during these sessions. I have yet to repeat a workout this year and that has been key into me not getting bored. I have joined gyms and signed up for classes before, but have yet to stay with anything this long or this consistent other than running.


I’m grateful for Robin and 79PT !
Happy WODing

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