My Review of Wareings, Part 3

It was last Friday afternoon, end of the day and end of the work week. The last thing I was thinking about was a workout. But being at Wareing’s throughout the previous week, it was recommended for me to try the SWAT class Friday at 5:30. The class is taught by Teri Twine.

There was limited space available for the class, so I made sure I arrived by 5:15 to get a ticket to reserve my spot for the class. Two of my girlfriends who are members at Wareing’s, met me for the class as well.

This was not the typical spin class you may see in a clip from The Real Housewives of New York. SWAT (Spinning With A Twist), was a great workout sneakily disguised in dance music. The instructor was on a platform in the front, facing us. The lights were completely dimmed and we spun by candlelight. We used light dumbbells for pressing and curling. We pedaled and moved to the pace of the music.

This class was fast paced with fast music!!! That is just how I pace my running, to the beat. All my playlists favorites were there. Songs by FloRida, Katy Perry, Kesha, Pitbull, and we even closed the class out with Prodigy. I found myself singing along to the music for the entire class. The hour long class passed quickly. I was soaked and satisfied with this workout. SWAT turned out to be my favorite class that I attended this week! Great music, great friends, and a great instructor turned this Friday afternoon workout into a must do before heading into the weekend!!!

Pre Class Photo




After Class Photo

Happy SWATing

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5 thoughts on “My Review of Wareings, Part 3

  1. If you keep working out at this pace, I’ll never catch you! You’re turning into quite the fitness fanatic. Keep up the good work!


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