After attending the EVOFIT Function show last weekend at the Oceanfront, I knew I had to get back there as soon as possible and try a workout. I was able to experience that earlier this week. It was everything I had hoped and more.

A friend of mine works out there several times a week and raves about it. I met her there for a 5:00 pm session to see what it was all about.

After several friendly emails back and forth, it was great to meet the owners/trainers in person. Owners Debbie Puckett and Joey Guth were both on hand for the class. They opened the gym a few years ago at the original location near Dam Neck. Before branching out on their own with EVOFIT, the two met while working at another gym where at that time Debbie was a trainer and Joey was an intern.

Once I signed the waiver, I was ready to get started. We began with a warm up of rowing and stretching to get the blood flowing and muscles loose.

At first I was a bit apprehensive.



Overcoming my fear, we began with the workout. I learned some new vocabulary such as “clean”, “jerk”, “flight simulator”…ahhh what?!?!


Watching my friend, mother of two, lift the weighted bar over her head, I was immediately inspired and became acquainted with the exercise myself. 15 minutes was set on the clock to find your 1 rep max at your heaviest weight.

Debbie and Joey tag teamed the instruction well. They focused on each person in the class as an individual. As a guest, it felt more like a personal training session than a group. Both helped me with the proper form and technique of each exercise. I felt safe, comfortable, and was guided while attempting these new moves. Joey and Debbie were there every step of the way.

I started with dumbbells and ended up with a 43 lb lift.


After the lifting portion of the night was finished, we moved on to the “flight simulator” portion of the workout. Or in my terms, jump roping and burpees.

Even though burpees are my least favorite exercise, I managed to stay positive with all the motivating words around the gym.



My review of EVOFIT is, if you are looking for a place for practical but challenging fitness, individualized instruction, and results that impact your daily life and overall physique, then this is the place for you. Two separate clients shared with me this workout formula is the only thing that has shaped and “shredded” their body into shape. They added that no 2 days are the same.

Monthly memberships are available. The quality of attention a client receives can be compared to that of one on one unlimited personal training. If this interests you, I urge you to contact EVOFIT today.

They also provide a Wednesday running club for those of you in training for upcoming races such as the Shamrock.

Happy Lifting

Fall Out Boy

Tune in this Tuesday with Fall Out Boy and Light Em Up!!!

Part of the reason we love exercising with Fall Out Boy is the wildly expressive lyrics and beats. This song is sure to deliver the same.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark comes in right around 3 minutes. Enough for a sprint in a spin class or an 800 tempo run repeat.

Worth the $1.29!

Download and begin to light it up yourself!


EVOFIT Function Show

Saturday I attended a fundraiser to benefit Hope for Life Rescue. This organization, based in Virginia Beach, focuses on the rescue and placement of abandoned animals.

This fundraiser took place at EVOFIT in Virginia Beach. EVOFIT is owned and operated by trainers Debbie Puckett and Joey Guth. It was not hard to see the support the community extended to these two. It is obvious these individuals are involved and committed to making a difference in the community. The Mayor of Virginia Beach, Will Sessoms, was on hand to announce the function show. Mayor Sessoms was quoted stating “She gives back to the community” about EVOFIT owner Debbie Puckett. According to the EVOFIT Facebook page on Sunday, they raised over $5,000 at the event!

The event featured a function show that showcased athletic fashions by Lululemon in Virginia Beach. Local athletes and trainers were the participants in the show.

There were also several wonderful raffle prizes including pet baskets for both dog and cat lovers and a 50/50 raffle of cash…which the winner donated his portion back to the Hope for Life Rescue.

The event was catered with wonderful healthy and tasty hor d’oeuvres such as stuffed cherry tomatoes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and truffled egg salad! The food was displayed beautifully and was delicious. Not to be overlooked, there was plenty of champagne on hand as well!

Champagne, Lululemon, and supporting a local charity was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to EVOFIT on this terrific event!

I look forward to attempting a workout at EVOFIT soon

Happy Fundraising








Birthday WOD

At 79PT our trainer, Robin Kassir, incorporates each of our birthdays into the WOD. This past Thursday happened to be my Birthday WOD.


The number for the day was 33!!! Which was actually a higher number than the temperature. Burrrrr!!!! It was cold and we were running to the beach…but it was so worth it!


The beautiful pink sunrise was a great reward for the early morning, cold WOD. It was a perfect way to start off my 3 day birthday celebration!!!

The best birthday present you can give yourself is good health!



Happy Birthday!!!


A Workout at The Human Performance Initiative

Human Performance Initiative is the latest workout facility I have had the privilege of experiencing and also reviewing.

As it states on the website, HPI focuses on the values and purposes of the military’s Special Operations Forces. The individuals that make up this group are required to perform physical activity with extreme stamina, endurance, and mental acuity. HPI focuses on the importance of functional strength being achieved through individualized sessions and also group training.

Before the 5 pm “Daily Grind” class began, I conversed with two gym members who had just finished their workout. The woman I spoke with mentioned that she normally runs for exercise but found this workout challenging and rewarding. This was great for me to hear! As I glanced around the gym waiting …I wondered what exactly was I getting myself into?!?!



The workout began promptly at 5 pm. The group consisted of 3 ladies, including myself, 1 gentleman and the instructor. HPI owners, Rob and Nicole Stock are also the trainers onsite. The session I attended was lead by Rob.

Our group began with some stretching on a foam roller. I really appreciated this, as I had just run the day before and this was helping my muscles recover and get ready for what I was about to do.

Today was the lower body strength circuit.

I began the weighted box jumps with a 6 lb medicine ball and modified the jump with a lower box.

The hurdle jumps may have been my favorite!

The workout moved at a steady pace, but was not timed as I am use to. It was a good change of pace to slow down and concentrate on these new exercises such as the dead lift. This is something I had heard about but never myself attempted. I was apprehensive but also eager to try. The trainer was patient while demonstrating the move. Then was encouraging while I attempted it. The circuit continued as the trainer circulated around past each of us offering words of praise to keep us motivated.

Nearing the end of the workout, we began to form a line to take on the “finisher” portion of the workout.

If the TRX, dead lifts, and hurdles were not enough…this surely amped up the burn factor! The hour long session was over! I felt challenged, appropriately tired, and elated on conquering a new task.

The group workout I participated in was fantastic. The intensity of the workout could easily be turned up or down based on your fitness level. There were modifications for each exercise that could have been added. The trainer will take the time to ask you your fitness goals before the class. They will supervise you during the class to monitor your progress and keep you safely within your appropriate fitness level. If you are looking for overall fitness with a more challenging aspect and some individualized instruction, HPI is for you.

Check out HPI this Saturday for their Grand Opening!


If you are willing to try, I think you will enjoy The Human Performance Initiative!




If you would like your gym reviewed, please contact Jesshorton1@gmail.com

Where the Streets Have No Name

Sunday morning I woke up early in my latest beach rental. 6:00 am rested and ready to start my day. I woke to a wonderful treat of a snow dusted winter morning.


The evening before had been a frigid, sleeting mess. This light powder was enough to lure me out of the warm house and onto the streets by 7am. I had a new playlist ready and I was layered up for the 32 degree temps. I headed south out of the neighborhood. I could see the sun peeking over the Rudee Bridge as I got closer. I hit the base of the bridge and steadily began my climb up and over to the Croatan side. As I reached the top, I looked down and noticed the boat docks covered in snow.

Not a normal sight.

I reached the other side and snapped this picture.

My goal was to start the climb back to the top and snap a picture of the sun coming up over the water. As I reached the top, my iPhone died. I think it may have been too cold, because the battery read 74% when I left the house. Nevertheless, I continued along admiring the bright sun as it contrast the freezing cold temperatures. I ran the Rudee Loop and hit the boardwalk heading North. The wind was brutal. The sand began to pelt my face. I ran in silence, no tunes and no other runners in sight. I made a U turn and headed back South on the street, looking for a buffer of the wind. Then out of nowhere the U2 song came into my head. “Where The Streets Have No Name,” seemed appropriate. This verse in particular felt appropriate as I raced uncharted, sun beaming on me.

“I want to run
I want to hide
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside
I want to reach out
And touch the flame
Where the streets have no name

I want to feel sunlight on my face
I see the dust cloud disappear
Without a trace
I want to take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name”

No cars, no other pedestrians, no bikers, no one at all. I was running right down the middle of Atlantic Avenue. I ruled the street! It was mine even if for those brief few minutes. It was an odd feeling not having to share the road or be mindful of where I was running. The streets seemed to be nameless, surely this couldn’t be Atlantic Avenue…one of the busiest of all of our city streets. But oddly it was and for the moment I enjoyed it. I eased my way back across to the neighborhood. A solid 4 miles completed in silence and in the cold. It was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while.

Happy Running

Should Sports Heroes be Held To Higher Standards

Our sports heros seem to be making quite the headlines lately, and not for winning competitions.

We first learned of Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius on the 2012 Summer Olympics. He was the first double amputee to ever compete in the Olympic games. Bladerunner is in the news again for a less than desirable circumstance. He has now been charged with premeditated murder of his model girlfriend.

Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong seems to have somewhat confessed to blood doping and cheating his way through the biking circuit. The 7 titles don’t seem as impressive now do they?

The community of fans behind these athletes is loyal and large. Defending and cheering them on the entire way. At what point does the “evidence” persuade us to abandon our dedication?

The fall from grace can be hard and painful. I have written about both of these athletes in posts before and am quite sad and disheartened at the reason they make the blog again.

Should our sports heros be held to higher standards than we even hold ourselves?Are they to be categorized as super heros for their super human accomplishments when their accomplishments are not so worthy after all?




Please weigh in with your thoughts or comments