Rest or Run

If you feel bad should you still workout?

This week I’ve been feeling wiped out, fatigued, body aches, sore throat, etc.

I decided to take some time off of exercise. I am focused on getting healthy. I have been loading myself up with vitamin c, Emergen-C packets, hot and spicy noodle soup and anything else to kick this bug. Besides I still have Several weeks until my next race, so there is time to amp up the training after I well.

How do you decide to rest or run?

Happy Health




2 thoughts on “Rest or Run

  1. Hi Jess, A healthy combination of both rest and exercise has always helped me. I feel bad when I don’t get some exercise, hence the obsessive need to do so every day 🙂 and I’ve been lucky enough to stay well this season (knock on wood!!).
    Drink lots of water, eat plenty of raw fruits and veggies, take fish oil and flax, and stay away from sick people!
    that’s my two cents 🙂

    • Thank you for the great tips! I will try some of them. I’m pumping fluids like crazy. I too can be become obsessive about working out. But I gotta listen to my body 🙂 hope all is well your way. Miss seeing ya!


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