Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Do you ever feel like you can’t take one more piece of bad news? Thursday was that day for me. A friend lost her job, another friend lost their mother, another friend had a neighbor loss a child, another friend found out her dog has cancer. All very difficult things to face. Any one of those tragedies would be more than enough for one person take. Sometimes our burdens can be heavy and hard to bear. This is when I call upon my faith and trust from above. I am not sure anyone could overcome these things without it.

As I sit here winding down my day thinking of my own stresses, I struggle to find the silver lining. As I think a little more, I am reminded of small miracles I witnessed today. A toddler’s voice, a great cup of coffee, great friends by my side and stopping their day to come to my rescue, and even a Good Samaritan offering help. My mind begins to turn from negative to positive and know that today was just one day. And this day is almost over. It doesn’t represent my week, or month, or not even my year. These things may happen to us, but do not define us.

Tomorrow is another day and I will be ready to tackle whatever the day might bring. Rain or shine☔ Tragedy or triumph.

Like running👟👟👟, life can be tiring and may push you to your limits. Write off a bad race/day and get back to it the next time around. Who knows, maybe the next day will bring you enough joy to make up for the day that was too much to handle.

Kick back and remember the lyrics to this popular Bobby McFerrin song.




Don’t Worry, Be Happy



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