Tebow Bill

Should homeschooled student athletes be allowed to play school sports? As a former student athlete and a former teacher, both in the Chesapeake Public School System, I have several opinions on both sides of this issue.

Thursday a bill, known often as the “Tim Tebow” bill would home school students the right to play school sports was blocked in Richmond. This bill refers to the Heisman Trophy winner and now NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, as he was a home school athlete.

According the 2012-2013 Virginia High School League rules of eligibility, student athletes are to be enrolled with good academic standing at the school they represent. Good academic standing according to VHSL means a good grade point average . But with a good grade point average in public schools also comes social pressures, academic pressures, pressures of higher course loads and requirements, and the responsibility of being an independent learner. All which prepare the student for future life in a college setting or employment environment. I could argue that a home school student has less distractions and less pressures in their day to day life making their learning environment more desirable.

Families of homeschool and families of public school students pay equal city taxes. Shouldn’t they each be afforded the right for their respective students to enjoy sports?

Parents of homeschooled children, I do have a question for you. Do you feel that the school zone you live in is good enough for athletics but not academics? Why do you feel so? Is the problem with education? Or is the issue at hand simply allowing your student the same opportunities as a student who attends a public school?

According to an article featured about Pilotonline on Thursday, 29 other states have allowed home schoolers to join in school sports teams. As for now Virginia is not one. Do you think we could or should be next?

Happy Debating








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