Should Sports Heroes be Held To Higher Standards

Our sports heros seem to be making quite the headlines lately, and not for winning competitions.

We first learned of Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius on the 2012 Summer Olympics. He was the first double amputee to ever compete in the Olympic games. Bladerunner is in the news again for a less than desirable circumstance. He has now been charged with premeditated murder of his model girlfriend.

Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong seems to have somewhat confessed to blood doping and cheating his way through the biking circuit. The 7 titles don’t seem as impressive now do they?

The community of fans behind these athletes is loyal and large. Defending and cheering them on the entire way. At what point does the “evidence” persuade us to abandon our dedication?

The fall from grace can be hard and painful. I have written about both of these athletes in posts before and am quite sad and disheartened at the reason they make the blog again.

Should our sports heros be held to higher standards than we even hold ourselves?Are they to be categorized as super heros for their super human accomplishments when their accomplishments are not so worthy after all?




Please weigh in with your thoughts or comments


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