A Workout at The Human Performance Initiative

Human Performance Initiative is the latest workout facility I have had the privilege of experiencing and also reviewing.

As it states on the website, HPI focuses on the values and purposes of the military’s Special Operations Forces. The individuals that make up this group are required to perform physical activity with extreme stamina, endurance, and mental acuity. HPI focuses on the importance of functional strength being achieved through individualized sessions and also group training.

Before the 5 pm “Daily Grind” class began, I conversed with two gym members who had just finished their workout. The woman I spoke with mentioned that she normally runs for exercise but found this workout challenging and rewarding. This was great for me to hear! As I glanced around the gym waiting …I wondered what exactly was I getting myself into?!?!



The workout began promptly at 5 pm. The group consisted of 3 ladies, including myself, 1 gentleman and the instructor. HPI owners, Rob and Nicole Stock are also the trainers onsite. The session I attended was lead by Rob.

Our group began with some stretching on a foam roller. I really appreciated this, as I had just run the day before and this was helping my muscles recover and get ready for what I was about to do.

Today was the lower body strength circuit.

I began the weighted box jumps with a 6 lb medicine ball and modified the jump with a lower box.

The hurdle jumps may have been my favorite!

The workout moved at a steady pace, but was not timed as I am use to. It was a good change of pace to slow down and concentrate on these new exercises such as the dead lift. This is something I had heard about but never myself attempted. I was apprehensive but also eager to try. The trainer was patient while demonstrating the move. Then was encouraging while I attempted it. The circuit continued as the trainer circulated around past each of us offering words of praise to keep us motivated.

Nearing the end of the workout, we began to form a line to take on the “finisher” portion of the workout.

If the TRX, dead lifts, and hurdles were not enough…this surely amped up the burn factor! The hour long session was over! I felt challenged, appropriately tired, and elated on conquering a new task.

The group workout I participated in was fantastic. The intensity of the workout could easily be turned up or down based on your fitness level. There were modifications for each exercise that could have been added. The trainer will take the time to ask you your fitness goals before the class. They will supervise you during the class to monitor your progress and keep you safely within your appropriate fitness level. If you are looking for overall fitness with a more challenging aspect and some individualized instruction, HPI is for you.

Check out HPI this Saturday for their Grand Opening!


If you are willing to try, I think you will enjoy The Human Performance Initiative!




If you would like your gym reviewed, please contact Jesshorton1@gmail.com


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