Tuesday Tune, Icona Pop

I heard this song on my Sirius Radio and can’t shake it. You know when I hear a song like this, I have to have it as soon as possible to add it to my playlist!

“I Love It” by Icona Pop is a great addition to my running mix.

I think this song is about a breakup, that is not why I like it. I like it for her carefree lyrics ad especially when she sings about not caring ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ very liberating!

I like when she sings
“I don’t care, I love it”

Sing on



Tidal Wheel Part 1

Last week I was finally able to get in and take my first class at Tidal Wheel, the new spin studio in Virginia Beach. I had been dying to get in there and now that Shamrock training was over, I have the time. I reserved one of the evening classes first thing Tuesday morning online, super easy. It was a good thing I did that, because before lunch the class was full with reservations. When booking your class online, there was even the option to reserve a specific bike. Next time I will be doing that. The spot I randomly reserved was right in the front next to the instructor.

Incase there was any doubt, I quickly learned Tidal Wheel is no joke! Before class, people were chatting about attending Tidal Wheel everyday and how much they loved it. I had heard great reviews about this particular instructor, Mike, as well. I found out after the class, that he may be the toughest instructor on staff!!!

At Tidal Wheel, you wear spin shoes that snap into the bike. So once you’re in, YOU ARE IN!!! No escape!!! There is even a sign on the wall “No leaving early, No cheating”. Either one seemed impossible.

The rider to my right was kind enough to help me adjust my bike and help me get snapped in. I grabbed a water for the front desk and there was a towel already on the bike, both of which I used the entire class. Once the class began the lights went down and we were spinning by low candlelight! Awesome!!!! The spinning began with loud music fromEve blasting from the speakers!!! Loved it. I was instantly reminded that this was another level of fitness I was not use to and I that this class would be a challenge.

My good friend was in the same class on a bike across from me. We kept making eye contact at each other during the class, especially during the tough parts. For example at the climbs or when the instructor repeatedly decided to adjust some of our bikes for more tension (not good for sitting in the front) Ahhhh!!! I kept telling myself that my butt would be thankful.

The class went on quickly and I was soaked. I love a workout like that. The music ranged from Busta Rhymes to Salt N Pepper to The Donnas with their single “Take It Off.” This song was appropriate as I was thinking about taking off those last few lbs! This class definitely helped with that.

The class ended with a nice stretch session. I was tired enough. Satisfied, fulfilled, and pleased with the workout. Tough enough to be tired, but also left me wanting to come back for more.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to get your rear into Tidal Wheel and get your spin on. This is a great way to step up your game as summer approaches. If you’ve hit the plateau, add this into the mix. I hope to make this a weekly routine for the next month, even Mike’s class! Prepare to sweat and burn nonstop during your class. Stay tuned for my next Tidal Wheel experience.

Spin On


Bikini Ready?

Even us “fit” girls do things to pump up the fitness as it gets closer to bikini season. Here are some of the things I’ve done recently to step it up a notch.

I did a pantry and refrigerator clean out. Toss out the items that may be tempting for you to munch on. If it is not in my house, I won’t eat it. Trade empty calorie snacks for the good seasonal items in your local produce section. Melons, citrus, berries, etc.

As the weather warms up, stock up on lean meats, seafood and veggies. Easy dinner to throw them all on the grill.

Sign up for a local 5k. Run the course once a week to train.

Keep naturally flavored water in the fridge instead of soda or juice. Slice lemons, fresh herbs, or fruit and drop a few pieces into a pitcher of water. Easy go to sipper.

Create a Pinterest Board for motivation. Mine is titled Bikini Ready. A close friend and I both can access this board to help keep us motivated. We pin recipes, quotes, and exercise tips that we think each other would enjoy.

Keep your eye on the prize! A new bikini, sundress, a vacation!!!

Are you ready?

What are your tips to boost up your exercise or diet?





Tuesday Tune Up with The Kill Circuit

This week I am featuring music from a local band in my playlist. The Kill Circuit, is a Norfolk based hard rock alternative band.

One of my co-workers is the bassist/singer in the band. Recently while working on a project in the office, We were sampling some on their tracks in the background. Very cool sound!

If you’ve been reading my Tuesday Tune Up, you know I am big on lyrics that motivate me or inspire me to run.

In The Kill Circuit single, “Hold the Line”, they have lyrics in this song like Set in motion and How long is too long? This is a question I often ask myself when running. This song would be a great addition to your playlist as a warmup song or finisher.

Check out The Kill Circuit today! If you’re in the area this weekend, they are playing Music 4 More Festival on the main stage at 3:10. More info here.

Rock On

Dream Float Spa Review

After a long weekend of the Shamrock, a bachelorette party, and plenty of Yuengling and Champagne, I needed time to regroup and relax.

I made an appointment for the newly opened Dream Float Spa in Virginia Beach. I had heard some good reviews from some friends so I thought I would give it a try. On the Dream Float Spa website it reads they offer the ultimate relaxation experience. This sounded promising.

My session was scheduled after work for an hour. On this particular day the weather was wet and dreary, so the thought of lounging in a warm soothing bath sounded amazing.

I entered the room and immediately had thoughts of Space Travel or something out of this world.

After looking into the bath and hearing the peaceful music the water was inviting.


After a quick pre-soak shower I was ready to get in. Swimsuits optional and I opted for mine. Now it was time to lay back and do nothing. I climbed in and noticed instantly the high salt content in the bath. 1,000 lbs per tub!!! I was thankful I followed the instructions under the Before Float tab online. No shaving! With all the salt, you’ll be glad you waited. I used the head pillow and started to find a comfortable spot. After a few moments I couldn’t tell what part of my body was in the water or not. It was a true sensation of floating, almost weightless. It was an interesting feeling. I took a quick glance and noticed how my body was truly floating on top of the water. I risked it, but snagged a few pics.



After a few minutes adjusting to the feeling I closed the bath almost all the way and begin to tune out the world. I opted for music only for the first 10 minutes. This was plenty because I ended up falling asleep shortly into the float. I awoke 40 minutes later. I already felt refreshed. My skin, muscles, hair and nails looked ad felt better instantly. My initial feeling of this being out of this world was right! I felt great.

The fun filled weekend was gone. I was relaxed and ready to go home and crawl into bed. I slept like a baby that night and for the next few. I noticed blemishes on my face and a few little cuts and scraps on my hands were practically gone. Just like swimming in the ocean, this was such a high concentration of salt that seemed to heal you instantly!

After a race, crazy weekend, or trip I suggest you book a float today!

I will definitely go back again.

Float On

The Only Thing Running Is My Nose

This Runner Girl is down for the count. I can’t even remember the last time I felt this exhausted. The only thing running in this house is my poor nose. Believe it or not the thought of bouncing up and down pounding the pavement sounds horrible. Instead it was a weekend filled with spicy food, Pinterest, the Stella & Dot website, movies and plenty of hot tea. I’ve never been a fan of medicine so I thought I would try to relieve some cold symptoms with some things I had in the house .

After Googling home remedies for cold and flu I stumbled on a few things to boost up my tea.

Apple Cider vinegar is a disinfectant, eases digestion and washes away toxins. I used the agave to sweeten the tea just slightly.

Lemons are obviously a great source of Vitamin C. They are also antiviral, immune boosting and aid in weigh loss. I figure due to my sedentary activity, the weightless benefit was a win!

I made a huge pot of my Jacked Up Tea and sipped it all day.

If nothing else, it tasted good, felt cozy and was warm while I settled in for a movie day. I got lucky with Remember the Titans and The Blindside on tv Saturday Night.

When you feel lousy, what are your go to at home remedies?

Happy Healing

Shamrock 8k

Every year I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day weekend here in Virginia Beach. Shamrock 8k Time!!! Running the 8k and breakfast at Mary’s has been a tradition of my dad and I for years.

The past few years my high school cousin has gotten in on the action running the 8k. I’m so proud of her for taking on the challenge as well ๐Ÿ™‚

This past Saturday over 7,600 runners filled into their corals and readied themselves for the start of the 38th Towne Bank 8k. The weather was mild. Shorts and t-shirt were appropriate attire for the 5 mile run. I settled in coral 2 with my friend Jen. Sunglasses on, playlist ready, Nike ap on! We were both ready to go! We took off quickly weaving our way through the crowd. We weren’t planning on running together but kept the same pace for about the 1st mile before separating from each other. Our first mile pace was steady at about 8:20. I slowed and continued on at about a 9:30 mile throughout the remainder of the race. The race went quick. A flat and familiar course I have run so may times before. As I hit the boardwalk on my way back, my playlist kicked into Luke Bryan and his new single, Suntan City. After hearing the lyric of “Sittin pretty in Suntan City, got the best view in the world” I was reminded of Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms gal before the race. “The greatest city in the world” he said. And at this moment, I couldn’t agree more. I was in my favorite place in the world, physically and metaphorically. Boardwalk, sun, beer tent, family and my dearest friends!!! Yes!!!!! Feeling great I crossed the finish line at 45:52. My goal was under 50 so I was thrilled.



Next it was off to the beer tent to snap some pics and drink some Yuengling!


Beer cup rainbow?


Beer cup pyramid?


No ice? Use a cold beer instead ๐Ÿ™‚




8k finishers w J&A 2:00 1/2 marathon pacer Tony



Ready for the final mile!!!



Now time for a night out!!!

We headed back on Sunday to cheer on the 1/2 and Marathon runners!!! Great job to all finishers!!! Great job race course volunteers!!! It was inspiring to be there for the last marathon finisher as they came in! No matter how slow…they finished 26.2 miles by foot!!! Wa


2:00 1/2 marathon pacers after race!!!

Cutest Marathon Fan Ever!


Marathon Runner, Prissie, and her fans


Cheers to resting and training for next year