Planet Fitness, No Gymtimidation

You may have seen the Planet FitnessGymtimidation” commercial on tv. The message being to not be intimidated by the gym or fitness. After visiting Planet Fitness last week, the commercial holds true.

Planet Fitness is a wonderful gym located in the heart of Virginia Beach. Less than 10 minutes from the Virginia Beach Town Center and about 15 minutes from the Oceanfront, the convenient location is one of the things most attractive about the gym.

I arrived at the gym afterwork and needed to change. Right away I was impressed with the facility. The locker room was immaculate with an upscale look. It was complete with lockers, showers, a large flat screen TV, and scale.

After changing I was now ready for the Design Your Own Program class. This is a must for anyone who is getting back into fitness and exercise. Or for someone who has not had the experience of regularly working out. For an exercise veteran like myself, it was a great refresher as well. I met with Melissa, a trainer on staff exclusively with Planet Fitness. She helped me fill out an individualized fitness profile. We talked about my current fitness level and goals. From there, she carefully customized a weekly workout plan for me to follow. This plan was written down for me and was mine to take with me when I left.

Once we nailed down the fitness plan, we began our tour of the gym and equipment demonstration. This was great. It has been a while since I worked out in a gym like this. Melissa demonstrated proper form and technique for each exercise. She also explained the importance of doing the workout in the order she had planned out. She offered modifications with each exercise for lower or higher intensity. She also suggested to trade out running/treadmill once a week with another kind of cardio or other cardio equipment. This will keep your body guessing. This is key for any of us looking to get over that plateau and loose those last few lbs.

During the workout, Melissa stated “We all have different starting points, but the point is to start.” So true.

So if you are looking for a place to get started, Planet Fitness has the best deal around. The secure Planet Fitness facility is open 24/7 for night owls and early risers. The gym had a great mix of men and women as well as fitness rookies and experts. They have over 100 pieces of cardio, 40 treadmills, a 12 minute ab station, and tanning!!! There is also a 30 minute circuit room for an efficient workout on the go! For $19.99 all of the above is UNLIMITED and INCLUDED in your monthly membership plus the use of any other Planet Fitness facility nationwide!!!

Planet Fitness has been voted the Best of the Beach by The Virginian Pilot’s readers. Get in today and find out why or cast your vote for them now!






Happy Exercising

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