Stability Ball

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to a story tip from a reader. A family friend wrote to me and mentioned that in her office she would be replacing her desk chair for a stability ball. Fabulous idea I thought! I managed to run by her office on my lunch hour and see how it was going.


These chicks got it figured out! Caroline and Tonia keep the office and church running smoothly at Great Bridge Presbyterian Church. From working at the church, they already get help keeping their heart and soul healthy. Now they’ve kicked it up a notch and are working on a rock solid 6 pack!
If you have to sit during the day, why not get the most out of it? This proves that you can be working on your fitness for anywhere😊💪

By sitting on these stability balls during the day, it forces their core to be engaged. The ball helps your body to sit up straight. Imagine there is a cord that runs from the top of your head down your back. Now imagine that you pull cord tight and upward. This will pull your posture up and your abs in. Abdominal and core strength is important for overall health.

According to a study at State University of New York Buffalo, they discovered that individuals who sat on the stability ball burned 4.1 times more calories per hour than those in an office chair. When you add that up it is more than 640 calories per month!!! Not to shabby considering you burn about 100 calories per mile by running. That’s like running an extra 10k per month. By making this easy switch, you are burning just by sitting!

After hearing these impressive stats, I had to check it out!

This was actually comfortable and fun!

If you spend any length of time during the day at a desk, I suggest you make the switch. As with anything new you introduce into your fitness routine, migrate to the use of the ball slowly. An hour or 2 the first day and so on until your body adjusts.

2 weeks later Caroline and Tonia are still going strong with their stability balls! Stop by and check them out. And if you have time hit up Zumba with Tonia at GBPC Mondays at 5:30 or Thursdays at 6:00 and ask her to teach you the Biker Shuffle! This will be a calorie burner for you as well!


GBPC gets the Runner Girl approval for mind and body health!

Happy Sitting

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